Mother’s Way

This past Sunday Mike Riley read the following poem in honor of our mothers. I know that not everyone had a godly mother. I know that for some Mothers Day is a difficult day. We should recognize that. But at the same time we also should paint the picture of what a great and godly mother can accomplish in the lives of her children. I was grateful to have my mom with us for this weekend. I liked this poem. It is a song found in a songbook by one of our members, Royce Richardson. This was his first Mothers Day without his mom. I thought I’d share it with you.

Mother’s Way
by A. D. Wall

I’m following Jesus and trusting His love
I’m sure I shall meet my dear mother above;
She taught me to love Him, she taught me to pray
And now I am walking in mother’s bright way.

I know it will lead me to mansions of light
A beautiful city that never knows night;
There mother will meet me with sweet smiling face
And I shall be glad that I trusted God’s grace.

She lovingly told me of pitfalls and shares,
And promised to help me along by her prayers;
And O I am sure her sweet pleadings were heard,
Because I am led by the infinite Word.

O mothers, be true to your dear ones I pray
Be sure to point out the bright heavenly way;
Instruct them to follow and teach them to love,
That they may serve Jesus and meet you above.

She taught me how to love the Lord
And how to strive for life’s reward
She taught me how to trust and pray
And now I walk in mother’s way.

Thanks for reading,