Monroe Police Pay Cut?

Members of the Monroe Police Department said they are upset by the city’s proposed 12 percent cut in base pay…

It is no secret that our city, state, and country are in tough economic times. That does mean that difficult decisions have to be made at times. Is one of those decisions to pay our law enforcement officers LESS money than they are already making?

Looking at the bigger picture the police, firemen, and teachers are three professionals that are so underpaid that it is embarrassing.  Compare that to the NFL athletes who are sad that they are only making several million a year? Which group would you call if a crime were committed against you? Who would help you if you had a fire? Which of these groups will spend months on end educating your children? Which ones play a game?

Last year I had two brushes with the law. In the first I was stopped for driving without my seatbelt on – which I rarely do. In the second I caused a fender bender that involved me making an improper turn (on a one-way street which I failed to notice was a one way street!). In both instances the officers were overly courteous, did their job in a timely manner, and were very professional.

There is no question but that our city depends on our police and fire departments. While I do not run the city’s budget and remain ignorant about all of the details and realities – I do think that a pay cut for law enforcement should be off the table. I’d happily pay more in taxes to keep our police and fire departments funded. When we need them most, they are dependable to be there to help.

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