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I enjoy connections with many ministers here in the Monroe / West Monroe area. Three of them, in particular, have really good blogs. (Four if you count me, but that would be incredibly rude, self-promoting, and obnoxious – so I won’t mention me.)

Bob Clanton, pastor at New Life Church in Monroe, blogs through the daily Bible readings his church is doing. He has some great insights on the readings and sermon notes to share. Check out his blog HERE.

Lynn Malone is the pastor of First United Methodist Church in Monroe. I love the name of his blog, “Not the Perfect Pastor”, and I love the way he writes. You can check out his blog HERE.

Another religious blogger emanating from Monroe is Royce Ogle. His Grace Digest is always a great read. Though Royce is not on staff with any church, he is a great Bible teacher and his reflections are worth contemplating. He is an active member at Whites Ferry Road Church of Christ. You can find Grace Digest HERE.

Do you know of any other ministers in Ouachita parish who are blogging about their faith? (Tweet That!)

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