Monday on the Coast

It was a beautiful day here on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. And a busy one. I only got five boxes packed. I’m not too disappointed because I’ve probably packed more boxes than will fit in my van anyway. After talking with Jason, it appears that everything is being taken care of in Monroe for our arrival. Their gracious welcome is just a grand example of second, third, and fourth mile Christianity!

Today I had lunch with Cornel Johnson, Mike Price, and Al Sturgeon. Cornel preaches for the Meridian Street Church of Christ in Moss Point. Al is at Ocean Springs – and probably most blog readers know him. Mike lives in Picayune, but runs his own evangelistic campaign type ministry. I’ve been friends with these guys for a long time. I’ve enjoyed serving in the Kingdom alongside them here in Jackson County. Plus, Cornel bought my lunch – which makes him a special guy. Who wants to be a special guy next?

Tonight we finished watching Season Three of LOST. I’ve reached my goal. It’s been a long nine months waiting for the next season. Unfortunately I think we’re only going to get half a season because of the writer’s strike. Well, I’ll take some if not all! Season four begins Thursday at 7:00 central with a 2-hour premiere.

I know several people who do not plan to watch because they feel they are way behind in the story. I sympathize. You could watch all three seasons on right now…until Thursday night. That would be hard. Or you could rent or borrow them, but there’s not much time. I think your best shot is to watch this 8 minute 15 second recap of the story of LOST. Buckle your seatbelt!


We had some work started on our house today to get it ready to sell. That work will be ongoing for a bit. There are a lot of little details we’ve just lived with – grateful to be under our own roof. New buyers, however, will not be so excited about those details! I remember being thrilled to sleep in our own room again. I’m really excited about finding a new home to live in in Monroe.

In just a few days I’ll be bringing my first lesson as the new minister of Forsythe Church of Christ. It will be “Super Sunday” … and in my mind it will be a super Sunday! But what do you say on your first Sunday? I’d like you to contribute ideas (both serious and funny) for first sermon titles / ideas. A friend of mine already suggested, “I thought highly of the elders until they hired someone like me.” Ha! I look forward to your submissions. The one who wins will get a prize. I do not guarantee there will be a winner, though.

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