Monday Night Ruminations

 Greetings! Sunday we had a good number in worship as a crew of 33 students arrived from Troy, Pennsylvania just in time to assemble and praise with us! Among this group are some who have been here two previous times. So we have some truly dedicated servants in this group for sure!  Sunday evening Maggy and I traveled to Pensacola to the Gateway Church of Christ to give them an update on the work here. We were well received and enjoyed seeing some old friends including Bud Myer (unfortunately Eva, his lovely wife, was unable to be present), Dennis Daufney (I’m sure I didn’t spell that right – Dennis worked in our house personally), Jim Caples, David and Mae Jordan, and Ed Humphries. I was happy that David and Elaine Kilbern were able to come over and be there as well. It was great to see Danny and Terri Dodd,  and Taylor and Jordan also! It was a good night and we were glad to have participated in that.

As busy as life can be, things are kicked up a notch when we have a crew of workers in town! This morning a crew arrived after driving all night. They began placing new flooring in our auditorium right away. I am so excited to see how rapidly this project is developing! Pictures are on my picture page linked on the right. 

This evening I watched the Golden Globe Awards. Why do I like award shows? I cannot explain it but I just do! It was interesting to hear Hugh Laurie (House) talk in his normal British accent. He had a funny acceptance speech. Most of the speeches, as expected, are dull. Jennifer Hudson almost rivaled the old Sally Field speech (“They like me, they really really like me“) in her acceptance for a role in Dreamgirls. I liked Jennifer when she was a contestant for several weeks of American Idol.  She has gone from being a singer on a Carnival Cruise Ship, to American Idol loser, to Golden Globe winning movie star. Good for her. Meryl Streep probably had the best acceptance speech of the night. Tom Hanks’ tribute to Warren Beatty was well done, but how is Beatty such a big star? He hasn’t made very many movies. Clint Eastwood is so cool. I mean, how can you still be cool wearing a white bow tie and winning an award for a movie few people have heard of? Clint can do it. Thankfully my friend Chris called me and rescued me from the rest of the show.  Does anyone even care about this stuff? No, I didn’t think so! The rest of you were watching 24.

I have mentioned reading NO PERFECT PEOPLE ALLOWED by John Burke. I want to share a sentence or two with you.  “The trail of brokenness following the Postmodern Experiment is littered with a generation of addiction. The church needs to become a healing community and minister to those around us who are consumed with athe addicitons that enslave them” (John Burke in No Perfect People Allowed, p. 262). What do you think? I know what we see in our city. I will be starting a Monday night Bible class based upon the 12 Steps of AA in the next few weeks. Thanks to the Brentwood Hills Church of Christ in Nashville for purchasing the books and also for a super nice donation to help us advertise this and other evangelistic efforts.

Please say a prayer for Bud and Cathy’s granddaughter. They attend our church and are faithful blog readers. Their granddaughter had her first brain tumor at age 16. Another recent tumor was treated and it disappeared. Now four have returned in their place. We need to ask God to bring healing and comfort to this family.

Finally, I have to mention the New Orlean’s Saints. Everyone on the Coast is so pumped about their win over the Eagles. I even used a ‘Saints’ “Welcome” slide in the power point presentation Sunday morning. Little did I know that we would have 33 guests from Pennsylvania. Oh well. We mourned with them … with smiles on our faces. I hope the Saints go all the way. All of my friends know that I am a total ignoramus about sports … but nonetheless, the Saints are my pick for a Super Bowl win on February 4th.

I’m a little pressed for time tonight, so I have no links. Maybe tomorrow! Hope your week is a great one. Pray for those who are caught in ice storms across the nation.

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