Monday Night on the Coast

Around Central. The volunteers from Illinois and Pennsylvania are steadily working and have the potential to help four or five people back into their homes this week. Mr. Free came up to the building today. He has been in the hospital following another stroke. He did not know our number, or was not able to tell the nurses to call. He is in need of your prayers. Our addictions class met tonight and we had two hours of excellent conversation on our common struggles. We were glad to have a new fellow struggler to be with us.

Meridian Street Church of Christ. Sunday night a few of us joined the worship celebration at the Meridian St. church. I have to call it a celebration, because this dedicated congregation knows how to joyfully shout out the praises of God! It was good to reconnect with old friends, including minister Cornell Johnson. Cornell is a dynamic and inspirational preacher. I enjoy talking to Cornell, and I recognized that night that it had been a long time since we had enjoyed one another’s company. Cornell has a serious look, and you might think he is about to frown on you, but then a big smile breaks out and he lets loose with that infectious laugh of his. It is obvious that the people of Meridian Street adore him, and I can understand why.

Spiritual Guidance. I’ve been reading Soul Guide: Following Jesus As Spiritual Director by Dr. Bruce Demarest. I’m a great book starter….not always a book finisher. I started this book a few months back but it didn’t catch my attention. Now it has me all enthralled. As I read about the spiritual disciplines, I realize (shamefully) that I am just a baby in the practice of things such as solitude, meditation, and fasting. I guess many of us tend to think we do not have time to do these exercises. My friend Ben Overby exposed me to these practices a few years ago, and I am thankful. Demarest focuses on how Jesus worked in the lives of those around him, giving them spiritual direction and focus. I’ve also been reading Richard Foster’s Celebration of Discipline. Fascinating material that is over 25 years old yet still being published. Ruth Haley Barton’s Invitation to Solitude and Silence is excellent reading.  John Alan Turner is asking for titles of books on spiritual formation, and I certainly think these three have merit. I’d like to know if  you practice the spiritual disciplines with regularity. I’d also like to solicit your thoughts on getting started purposefully putting them into daily life. I have a thought that I could use Foster’s book, adopt one discipline per month … focusing on each one … adding along the way … discovering the rhythm of their place in life via experience. Thoughts? Other resources?


Lay Down Your Burdens is the title of last Sunday’s message at Central. The podcast is up if you care to listen. The song at the beginning is “Here in This Place” by Zoe Worship.

Woman goes without power since hurricane. Hurricane Andrew, that is, which hit 15 years ago. Repairs made in only a few hours. This reminds me how vital it is that we do door-to-door surveys and find out what the unmet needs are. There are still many in Jackson County, Mississippi.

Matt Dabbs questions women’s roles in worship.

Trey Morgan is “Man of the Year” in his community. He wouldn’t brag about it himself, but Monica is letting the world know. I’m so glad. We need to rejoice with you brother. Keep shining brightly in your surroundings.

Lane’s Prayer.

Thanks for reading!

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