Monday Morning on the Coast

We had a good Sunday at Central. There’s something about having 80 Penn State University students drop in on your worship assembly that adds a lot of excitement and energy. Andy Roberts led our opening prayer. He has brought these students down to the Coast and has done a great job of organizing them. His mom and dad are here as well. We look forward to a great week with these wonderful young people. During the service we had one man to identify with Central Church of Christ. We also had a letter read from a couple that thanked the church for helping the move back into their home and for the encouragement they have received from the Christians at Central, particularly David Kilbern. It was a moving letter and I’m glad to have two new friends. We had other community visitors as well, and hope that their interest continues.

I’m a movie procrastinator. I see lots of movies that I’d like to view, but before I ever get around to it they are gone. By then a new crop of movies is out that I’d like to see, but I seldom do. This was true crime movie weekend at the Dobbs house. Saturday night Maggy and I went over to Mobile and watched Breach.  It was a good movie that was fairly slow-paced and not as intense I would have liked. I enjoyed it, though. Then Sunday afternoon Maggy, John Robert, and I went to see Zodiac. This movie was about 2 hours 45 minutes, but would have been a better episode of Law and Order. It was just too drawn out and slow. However, I the story is fascinating and I really enjoyed the movie. I was just unprepared for it’s length. Mostly it was good to do something with mom, dad, and son. At 17 John Robert keeps his schedule pretty busy with school, work, and friends. We all enjoyed that aspect of the afternoon.

We got back in time for me to drive across town to the Meridian Street Church of Christ in Moss Point. I always enjoy the worship time with this mostly African American church family. They sing and worship with such evident passion. I was looking forward to a dependably good message from minister Cornell Johnson. He, however, was out of town at the 64th Annual National Lectureship. (I would like to attend that lectureship someday!) Longtime Moss Point minister Elester Wess spoke last night. He spoke passionately about “why” we attend worship and what we hope to receive from the experience. I enjoyed the message and seeing many friends there very much.

While composing this post I received a phone call from a stranger. I have not seen Robbie in a few weeks now. The last time I talked to him things were very much up in the air about where he was living and some problems he was having. I really was afraid that perhaps he had experienced a relapse. This stranger tells me that he met Robbie and a friend at a rest stop and talked to him in about an hour. He gave this stranger my phone number and asked him to call me to let me know that he wanted to stay in touch and that he had not suffered a relapse. This is good news. It appears that Robbie and a friend are headed down to the Ocala, Florida area. I know many of you know and love Robbie and would like to keep up with him. This is all I know at this point. I would encourage us all to keep him in our prayers.


My Podcast should be updated later this morning with the past two Sunday messages from Romans 8: God Set Us Free and The Spirit Controlled Life.  The first one kind of starts in mid-stream, as I forgot to turn my mic on. It was one of those church moments. I didn’t have my mic on, Mike (working our sound) was turning me up up up … and then I turned my mic on …. you know. These things happen to me. I don’t know why.

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A friend asked about some resources for excellent acappella CDs, so since I was digging out some links for them I thought I’d share them with you.

Zoe Worship. In my opinion, there is not a smoother sound available.

Acappella. Longtime standard of vocal music and Acappella has a big fan following. Personally, I do not understand the longtime practice of sounding like you are instrumental when you are not. Mine is not a theological concern, but it just seems inconsistent to me. However, the music is excellently produced. I just think vocal ought to sound vocal. Instrumental sounds instrumental. Ok, maybe I’m over analyzing here.

The Vocal Union, a part of The Acappella Company, is outstanding for those who like Southern Gospel. And I do.

Hallel will be leading worship at the Pepperdine Lectures. I like them live better than recorded, but they are good. Ken Young is an outstanding worship leader.

Free Indeed will likely be at Tulsa Workshop. I have a great memory of hosting Free Indeed in Cleveland, MS many years ago at a Jesus Loves Teens Weekend. Their big song then was “Hit Me Like A Brick”. Wonder if I could get them to sing that at Tulsa? They probably do not know it any more. They also had a good song with “Real Man”. They also pioneered some new praise and worship for Churches of Christ with the Sing A New Song series for which Jerome Williams joined them. I haven’t heard them in a long time.

Just a little humor here, but a friend of mine noted that most of these groups seem to have at least one large fellow, and one bald fellow – and perhaps this is a prerequisite for having a good acappella group. Of course I’m not naming names or pointing fingers, as a large balding fellow myself.

Feel free to post a link to your favorite acappella group (or any other kind as well).

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