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As the above video demonstrates, we are indebted to God’s big Family all over America. The windows and doors we received this past weekend are already changing the way things look around here. I know it seems incredible to say, if you are not from here, but there is so much to do yet. David Kilbern visited an elderly lady today that he has visited several times. Her house is essentially beyond repair. She and her granddaughter live in two rooms of their home. The roof is not far from coming down around them. The back door is a curtain. It will get down to about 25 degrees tonight. How would you like to have a curtain for a backdoor? Not to mention the critters that come and go. She has been cooking her meals on a 6 inch hot plate for months now. I know we are tempted to ask a lot of questions about why she is living in these conditions, but we must not forget that there are many people along the Coast who fell through the cracks of the ‘system’ and never received the help they needed. Many of them lived in homes that were dilapidated before the storm … and there just are no funds for repairing these homes. Many of them are beyond repair. There are so many people who need a home. Affordable housing does not exist. I could not possibly exaggerate this situation.

With the cold winter winds comes the bad news of fires burning down homes … and often taking family members with them. One of our members has a son in Greenville, AL who’s trailer burned to the ground when a heater was left on. Nearer to home, and more tragic, two small children were burned to death inside a home in Moss Point last week. The remaining family members are stunned … and help is being given to help relocate them. David Kilbern is working with those involved to do all we can for them from supplies we have on hand. Buddy Gray dealt with a similar situation recently. Many people live in inadequate housing, and are simply trying to keep warm. This problem existed before the storm. I wonder how many people along the Coast tonight will have inadequate warmth. This problem is intensified up in the Northern states, of course.

A need we have at Central is to have someone with professional skills to lay 3,000 squares of ceramic tile at the facility. If you can be of assistance with some or all of this, please get in touch with us as soon as you can. After this is done we can place our carpet….and chairs will be in just after the first of the year.

My latest sermon was uploaded to the podcast page last night. I’ve been experimenting with my new recorder. I plan to re-establish the radio program I had before the storm. As I tried out some new things, I added some ‘bumper music’ to the beginning and end of the lesson. It occurred to me later that those who are looking for reason to criticize may think that the music was a part of our service. We are still acappella and will continue to be!

Last night Maggy, JR, and I went to see The Nativity Story. I really could not believe how well it was done. I was captivated from the opening scenes. By the time the infant Messiah was born, Maggy and I were in tears. I appreciated the fact that it was done so tastefully, with no big cheesy white winged angels floating around. Several elements of the incarnation were portrayed that I had not given much thought to. The music, the settings, the story presentation were all excellent. Read Buddy Gray’s comment after the previous post. Their church rented out an theater and invited 200 people to see the film. 20 of them were in attendance the next Sunday. That’s using your noggin! Buddy is one of the most outreach-minded Christians I know! I recommend taking your family … although it is slow moving enough that younger children will likely sleep through it. Also, there is a fairly frightening sequence in the beginning of the movie as Herod orders the death of all children two years and younger. So if you have little ones, arrive 10 minutes late…you’ll be fine. I also suggest you read through the Biblical account before you view the film. I think you’ll be pleased with the accuracy of the movie. See Ben Witherington’s fine review for discussion of some critical details.


Before flu season kicks into high gear, National Hand Washing Awareness Week reminds us that regular hand washing is the single most effective way to prevent the transmission of disease. Visit’s link to the Centers for Disease Control to find out how this hygienic practice gained recognition during the 19th century. 

Read about the effort to cut the #1 killer of teens.

Days later, thousands are without power.

Dusty Rush ponders silence.

Aaron Monts demonstrates a way to minister to the community in a crisis. Is the housing crisis really ever over? So, when can we start opening the doors when it isn’t freezing? Questions we should ask.

You MUST Read Angie’s post on ‘$20 Ted’ … the famous Secret Santa.

 To some of my friends who are holding on to Blogger for some reason, I tried to leave comments…but was not able to because Blogger is experiencing a problem tonight. Just didn’t want you to think I was ignoring you!

Thanks for reading…I know some of these posts get long. I appreciate your interest in the work along the Coast and in the ministry here.

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