Monday Madness

It’s Monday. The next few days I will be busily trying to get everything ready for the trip to Tulsa. I will miss a Wednesday and a Sunday, so everything will have to be done ahead of time for those assemblies.

Yesterday we had a packed house at Central with the addition of about seventy volunteers from Kansas gathered with us for worship. Today they are busy around the community and here at the church building. This is a third trip for the church in McPherson, KS. It is a privilege to serve alongside these wonderful hearts that make their way to the Coast for recovery.

Last night I visited the Gautier Church of Christ and heard Dan Cooper speak on the subject of Friendship Evangelism. He did a good job and I enjoyed the presentation, as well as seeing some old friends. I will be unable to attend the rest of the seminar, but I am sure it will be worthwile for anyone in the area who can attend.

At Central this coming Wednesday there will be a message from Byron Smith. Bryon is the manager for Gulf Coast Bible Camp and he will do a great job communicating from the Scriptures. This coming Sunday Cornell Johnson will bring the morning sermon. Cornell is the minister for the Meridian Street Church of Christ in Moss Point, MS. Our worship schedules are such that he can preach during our worship time and also be back in time to preach at his home congregation. I appreciate both of these brothers for their help while I’m out of town.


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