Monday in Monroe

We had a busy weekend, as I am sure many of you did. I want to thank Cecil May III for his excellent review of The Dark Knight. I appreciate his contribution to the blog (at my request) and hope to see the movie myself … maybe tonight!

Friday was an anniversary for Maggy and me. We’ve been married 21 years. When we married Nicole was ten years old. John Robert came along two years later when we lived in Kosciusko. He was about a month early, but he certainly recovered from that and was quite an admirable young man at age 18, just a bit taller than me. For most of our married life we have had our children and grandchildren keeping our home buzzing with activity. Nicole married Robert and they have their own home now with Clarie and Blake. John Robert is gone … and if he were alive he’d still be away at college. So for the first time in our married life Maggy and I live only with each other. It’s not only an empty nest, it’s a new experience!

Friday afternoon we rode over to Maggy’s parents and enjoyed some time there. We ate supper at the Catfish Cabin in Boyle, MS with Maggy’s parents, sisters and their husbands. Nicole and her family came to visit later that night. We enjoyed so much seeing everyone. Whenever we visit Maggy’s parents it is like a family reunion. Several of her aunts and uncles live there, and they always stop by for a visit when we’re there. We drove back home Saturday evening. It’s a three hour trip… not too bad.

I thought yesterday at Forsythe was a good day. Attendance suffered a bit, partly because so many people are traveling. We did have some young couples visiting and there were some other people I didn’t know (which doesn’t mean they were visitors… I’m still introducing myself to people I’ve alredy met!). The audio for Sunday morning’s sermon is HERE. I talked about the power of faith in our struggles. Sunday night I encouraged the church to make a difference this week by inviting friends, interceding for the lost in their prayers, and by investing themselves in the work of the Kingdom. Everyone was very kind in their comments. Maggy and I enjoyed great food and company at lunch with Roy and Anne Jones and Bill and Allison Chapman (and Whit and Ainsley) at Picadilly.

Dennis Apple talks about the ‘sneak attacks’ of grief that come about unexpectedly. Last night Maggy watched TITANIC (for what…the 30th time?). I’ve never watched it all the way through but kept one eye on it most of the time last night. At the end when Rose reunites with Jack (I presuppose that everyone except Wendy C. has seen this), it is a scene that reminds us of a reunion with John Robert yet to come. It was an intense moment of missing our son.  That kind of thing happens every day. I guess it is supposed to.

It’s been 61 days since we lost John Robert on May 21st. Though there are many memories from the past two months, much of it is blurry to me. Maggy and I are so thankful for your many encouragements … Nicole and her family as well.

It’s a bright and hot day in Monroe, Louisiana. I hope your Monday is off to a great start.

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