Haiti T-Shirt Idea and a few other things

As the condition in Haiti worsens we should continue in prayer and do what we can from a distance. Thank God for those who have the ability to go in, and the knowledge to make a difference. There are dozens of reputable agencies who can use your help. One creative teenager decided to design a t-shirt, the sales of which send funds to Haiti relief. If you’d like to buy one, check out his Facebook page HERE.

It’s a funny development, but a blog I posted in February has gained new life. I’m not sure how it’s being spread at this point or who’s doing it, but I like it. It’s a meme that results in a crazy sentence that’s often hilarious. Take a look at some of the new ones and add your own HERE

As I recently posted, I’m thinking about the purpose of our Wednesday assembly. I remain convicted that it is a good thing to spend this time together, although I do remain open to the variety of ways in which this might take place. This Wednesday we’ll have a devotional and a supper together. I can’t complain about that one!

Tonight was a GriefShare meeting. It is humbling to be in a room with such broken hearts.

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