Monday Afternoon

Greetings Friends! I think we had a good Sunday at Forsythe this week. This is maybe the first time I’ve really enjoyed preaching a sermon … a first time that it felt good … and by ‘first time’ I mean since we lost John Robert. Audio of that sermon is posted HERE. Some of the notes from that sermon are at the end of this post.

When I was in Pascagoula earlier last week I cleaned out the remainder of my files. While I was putting them in the file cabinet here in the office, I ran across a newspaper clipping from several years ago. It was a story from November 1997. At Beach Elementary they were learning about the pilgrims and eating some food in pilgrim style. The picture on the left caught John Robert concentrating on an ear of corn. The picture on the right has some of the kids that he went to school with for many years … some who were still at PHS with him when the school year ended this year.


Today I was supposed to go with Mike Riley to the monthly men’s fellowship at First West, but they must have called it off. That turned out to be a pretty good thing as he took me to Big Momma’s to eat. Big Momma wasn’t there today, but we had some fine food anyway. I chose the smothered pork chops.



It occurs to me that in the FILM age, I would have never wasted a picture on that plate of food. But in the digital age when there’s nothing to be developed, why not! I promise I only ate half of that … it was too much! Mike cannot say the same for his lunch! He made a “happy plate”.

I’m looking forward to some cooler weather in the Fall. This heatwave is something else. For several days we have topped 100.


Dream Big Dreams

Ephesians 3:14-21

Seven Reasons to Dream Great Dreams For This church:

1. We Have A Great God! (14a)  Pray!

2. We Belong to a Great Father! (14b-15) We are His family!

3. We Receive a Strength Beyond our own! (16-17)

4. We are motivated by Christ’s love (18-19)

5. We have no limit to our dreams – His power is limitless (20) How much can you imagine? Do not dream little!

6. We desire to bring God glory (21a)’in the church’ ‘in Christ’

7. We are to be focused on the future (21b)

Two Truths to motivate us to dream:

1. The Fields are Ready to Harvest! The fields are white right here in Ouachita Parish, Louisiana!

2. Tomorrow is not promised! James 4:14 “What is your life? For you are a mist that appears for a little time and then vanishes.”

We need to dream big dreams together! Renewed energy and fresh faith can be found in the power of dreaming a new dream for God. We should dream of God’s possibilities for this church and for its influence.


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