Monday Afternoon From South Louisiana

Maggy and I are currently near New Orleans at my parents’ home. My dad had a terrible day Sunday, and we thought a hospital stay was near. Today, however, he rebounded a bit. He began radiation treatments this afternoon and the first one is behind us. Nine more to go. Please keep him in your prayers. It is a true misery not to be able to take a deep breath … or to even know that when you try to breathe next you will be able to do so. My mom is doing exceptionally well, for which we are grateful.

Maggy’s mother is doing very well as well. She is receiving excellent care. Though the physical therapy will be difficult, she is alert and doing well. She will be so glad to be back in her home when that day comes.

After Katrina we received a note from someone in Bay City, Texas that we did not know. She wrote that she was committing to send us a check once a month for six months. This lady knew my brother and his family very well. And sure enough, once a month there was a check for our family to make it through those tough times. When I told my brother about it, I was astounded to learn that this sweet woman was going through a storm of her own … her husband was dying. Her husband was a good friend, mentor, and fishing partner of my little brother’s and his passing was tough on them all. Sometime later youth minister and wife Jeff and Kera Hubbard (Nichols Street church of Christ in Bay City, Texas) brought a group to do relief work in Pascagoula, and this sweet lady came along with them. It was so sweet to meet Billie Roberts … the woman who thought so often of my family while her beloved was passing slowly before her eyes.

This morning we received the disturbing news that sister Billie did not show up at lifegroup last night. Though several were looking for her, it wasn’t until daylight when she was found still in her car in the middle of a field. She was laying against her steering wheel and the car was still running. Her death is in one way a sad and heartbreaking event for the Nichols street church, and my brother and his family in particular. It is, in another way, a reunion day for Billie and her husband. Billie Roberts touched many lives … as she had also been touched by Jesus in her own heart.

It’s not too late to plan to come to DISCOVER this weekend. Dusty Rush, Craig Hicks, Alan Robertson and others will be speaking. Watershed Worship will reunite for this event. Chris Lindsey will be leading worship. It will be an exciting weekend. CHECK OUT THIS LINK for latest info. We are aiming to be back in town to assist with this event.

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