The songs of Hillsong United are flowing in my mind as I start my day today. Mighty To Save and Hosanna are two songs that have touched my heart in special ways. But I suppose I have written enough about that in the past few days!

Hillsong church is a part of the Assemblies of God  … as is Grace Community Church in Houston where we were. In Australia they renamed themselves Australian Christian Churches a few years ago. I’m not sure how that affects the mission efforts of the Christian Church in Australia … could be confusing I suppose. Anyhow I found myself not knowing very much about the Assembly of God denomination so I did a little reading on their official websites. In their “what we believe” section I found, of course, that we hold many of the same core beliefs. They do consider themselves “pentecostal” and believing in practicing “all of the spiritual gifts”. They are trinitarian in theology (which was obvious from the teaching I heard this weekend), and they are premillinnial. It seems to me from listening to Brian Houston via podcast and now having been to one of their events, that the AOG does not emphasize the miraculous gifts of the Spirit as much as some of the other pentecostal denominations. In fact I never heard anyone talk about that subject, except as it related to requesting healing from God (which we all seek). The AOG appears to emphasize preaching from the Word and serving others … accepting miraculous gifts but not depending on them as primary revelation. If I have any AOG readers, feel free to correct my perceptions. It is always interesting to learn about the faith of other believers.

We did have a change of plans this weekend. We had intended to drive to Bay City Sunday morning to see my brother and his family. They have, however, been passing around a nasty bug and they’ve all had it. My sister in law was likely over the contagious part but was still feeling really bad … so we put off our visit for another time and just came back to Monroe. I guess we were all disappointed. It was good to worship at Forsythe Sunday evening and hear Eddie Enlow speaking. Eddie and Stacy have been good friends to us in our time here. Eddie is a Mississippi State Graduate in a sea of LSU fans. We must pray for him to keep the faith!

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