Mid-Week On The Coast

Greetings Friends! It was a stormy afternoon on the Coast, but things have cleared up significantly. We had a good Sunday at Forsythe. I enjoyed lunchtime with elder Ronnie Teague and wife Billie. Then had a great time at  Kevin Smith’s home for life group that night. Bonnie Shannon prepared some great food and we enjoyed lots of good conversation and an excellent devotional together. (Maggy pointed out that I had typed Bonnie instead of Shannon. Why I want to call Shannon Bonnie is a mystery to me … but I now have it corrected.)  Monday morning I left early for the Coast to be reunited with my family!

I have to tell you that I was pretty depressed when I walked into my house. We’re trying to get some repairs done so that we can sell the house … and it was a mess. The workers had gotten started on some things and then had an illness strike. They intended to be in place the next morning, but they spent a week in bed with fever and chills… meanwhile their tools were all over the house. Several projects had been started but not finished. Today – one week later – they came back and got to work. There is sheetrock dust on everything … we can’t use our main shower / bath … and I could detail some other things but maybe that’s enough. So today the cold water hose on my washing machine decides it’s had enough and it bursts….sending water all over our laundry room. We weren’t at the house but the workers turned off the water, thankfully. So I replaced that hose tonight – with no help from anyone … except Maggy’s suggestions. Small crisis averted.  I guess I spent ten days in a minimally appointed apartment and no one there to make a mess but me … and came home to a home that looked like the tazmanian devil had been for a visit. My biggest feeling, though, was for Maggy and JR who have been living in it and trying to make do without me here. I feel that is so unfair for her…but she seems to have a good spirit about it. I’m not complaining about the workers …just to be clear. They couldn’t have known they were going to get sick. And their work looks good…it’s the experience on our end that isn’t so great. The end result will likely be very good.

Maggy’s been spending most of her days at our daughter’s home taking care of Blake. It’s been good to see the kids and grandkids, and mostly Maggy. Anyhoo, this is not a ‘relaxing’ visit at home with no work to do – as a couple of my friends expected.

We did manage to go to a movie Monday night. Maggy and I saw Mad Money. I enjoyed every minute of that movie. I am a Diane Keaton fan anyway … but the rest of the cast was just great. I recommend it as a fun movie to see. We have a few more we want to see, but who knows if we’ll get there or not. Tonight (Tuesday) we watched the two-hour American Idol episode. I suppose that we are soon to meet the 24 finalists and the real competition begins! I enjoyed tonight and the one thing it told me was that this year’s Idol season is going to be awesome. There are some great talents this year … more than in the previous few years it seems at this point.

If you’re still reading, congratulations. It’s just a catch-up post … no great theological truths here tonight. I have put some more posts on the HOT POSTS link above … and will continue to do that as I have time. It won’t be long until I head back up to Monroe. My time on the Coast is flying by.

What’s going on in your world?


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