Merry Christmas

~ Wishing for you an exceptional Christmas Day ~


The picture above is the Christmas I hope to one day experience. Oh, I’ll have to go someplace else to do that. Louisiana, even NORTH Louisiana, is not going to provide that kind of setting. On this Christmas morning at 7:00 am it is 73 degrees and we are expecting rain sometime soon. Good thing we all know that Christmas is about what happens in the heart, not the atmosphere.

As I contemplate a quiet Christmas day with my wife and mother, I am very mindful of others who have a painful journey today. This year, in particular, the season has been one of loss. I know of too many who are facing a first Christmas following the loss of a child they loved. Families that are painfully divided; children without one parent or another. A friend who said goodbye to his dear wife of many years just a day or two ago … and another who suffered the loss of her father. Those are just the ones I know. There is suffering throughout the world.

All of which reminds us that we need a Savior. Not just a hero. Not a CEO who can make bold decisions. Not a world-class bully who can take down others with brute force. Not even a King with imperial power. We need the most powerful and able One to come be one of us and show us how to get where we need to go. Jesus born as a human is stunning … born into poverty to two nobodies … raised as a carpenter’s son … until one day he wades into the waters of Jordan and is baptized by his cousin. Thus began a three year ministry that would change the world.

And He will change your world too. That’s really what Christmas is all about. This Jesus who changes every life he encounters will lead you through the valley of the shadow of death. He will take upon Himself your burdens and cares and when your trek on this earth is done, the Resurrected One promises this is not the end.

So, Merry Christmas. And thanks for reading.  JD


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