10.11.14One week ago today I awakened with chills, fever, and a few other assorted symptoms you don’t want to hear about.  I spent three days in bed trying to sleep through the fever and feel like a normal human being again. I wrote about all of that in my last post. In the past week I have left the house one time. And that was a necessity. So I’m getting a little bit of cabin fever and feeling some pressure over all the things that I would like to have done. But I am being reminded of the plight of those who have extended illnesses and how difficult it must be for those who live alone.

It is my plan to teach my Bible class in the morning and to preach during the morning worship. I don’t know that I will be able to do much beyond that. But I’m grateful for that opportunity and look forward to it.

So I am on the mend. It’s hard to complain too much because as unhappy as this illnesses has is been for me, I know too many people who have very serious life-threatening ongoing illnesses who managed to keep a smile on their face and keep their faith strong.

I was to attend the RightNow Conference in Dallas this coming week but decided I was not going to be well enough yet to be on my feet that much and I didn’t want to be away after being out of pocket for this long. So I gave my tickets to a friend and he’s sharing them with some Bible College students. So they were not wasted at all! I hope that they will enjoy hearing Dr. Tony Evans as much as I was looking forward to it!

Well this is just one of those breezy catching up with John posts that used to be what blogging was about. Facebook and Twitter statuses and Instagram pictures have replaced all of that so we don’t see many blogs about every day life anymore. Including this blog. So if you manage to stay awake long enough to read this, thank you. Hope that you have a very good weekend and worship the Lord on his day! I look forward to that myself.


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