Men at the Cross

Men at the Cross has the potential to make a dramatic difference in our community.


Not long after I arrived in Monroe, Louisiana I began to hear John Avant talk about “Community Transformation”.  John Avant is the pastor of First Baptist Church, West Monroe (First West).  I like a lot of things about John Avant. He is a people person. He is a bit hyper and passionate about his work for God. And he does not pay much attention to the walls that often separate believers. John’s passion is to utilize the massive Christian influence in this area to bring about a transformation. If all of the Christians in Ouachita Parish Louisiana were committed to serving the poor, feeding the hungry, rebuilding broken homes, eradicating poverty, breaking the bondage of drug abuse… with God’s help don’t you think we could do it?

Perhaps one reason why communities across our country are being eaten alive by sin is because the Christians are silent. We can tend to care more about our own churches and not be as interested in the community.

That’s why MEN AT THE CROSS was such a great event / organization to have come to Monroe. Now I have to do a little confessing here, because that’s good for the soul eh? I did tell our folks about the event, but was not enthused about it. I wasn’t sure how it would go, what it would be like. Some of that is my fault for not being able to attend some of the meetings that came before this event.

While I was there listening and participating in the great praise and worship time I was wishing more of our men were present. When I heard Joe White’s message I was embarrassed that I had not really pushed this event at our church. I’m sorry for that. Rick Rigsby’s message really resonated with me.

See, Men at the Cross wasn’t about building First West or any other specific church in town. It was about the 2000 men who gathered and how they could each teach another man about God’s way of life. Discipling men to become disciplers themselves – spreading the truth about Jesus’ message throughout the community one man at a time.

During the event all of the pastors in town were called to the stage. I stood there with 40 or 50 other men who lead churches, love Jesus, and who are hungry to see our community escape the problems that plague us. We had a common bond … we know the common answer … we have the common opportunity to make a difference. I sensed a shifting of the focus from each one of us trying to make our church the best in town … to trying to make our town the best in North Louisiana. I think that’s healthy.

And now for getting it done.

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