Meditation 2

 Meditation sounds so

*YOGA. I mean, when someone asks you if you meditate, do you immediately picture yourself in the lotus position with incense and murmuring ohmmmmmmm repeatedly while your eyes roll up in the back of your head?

*TRANSCENDENTAL. Are you going to discover past lives or perhaps have visions of thing happening in other people’s lives? Are you going to be transported to another locale?

*ESCAPIST. Is this a relaxation technique by which you can escape the worries and burdens of your day and de-stress?

*IMPRACTICAL. Get back to work! Don’t you have plenty to do in your life without sitting there moping over your own sin? Get with it, man … this is getting you nowhere.

*IMPOSSIBLE. There is no way I can give any time whatsoever to meditation. Life is too crazy, too fast, too noisy, and it would be impossible to concentrate. Unless I can meditate at red lights.

And so meditation gets little press, little interest, sparks little discussion, and my guess is that it is seldom practiced. I’m not trying to put nails in anyone’s coffin here …. I’d have to start with my own. I just hoped everyone else was a little farther down the line than I am. However, we can study and learn together I suppose. Here are a few things to get us going.

*Meditation is not reading, but reading can stimulate meditation. What separates Christian meditation from Eastern meditation is that our interest is in the Bible, the Word of God that gives us direction, information, inspiration, and instruction. Selecting a passage upon which to meditate is a great beginning. Commiting it to memory is a great step as well.

*Meditation is simple. No specific surroundings are necessary. No special instruction is really needed. Of course these things can be added and can influence an effective time, but by itself meditation does not demand any kind of outward set up.

*Meditation is practical. This is not merely bending the spoon with the mind! It is a matter of allowing your mind to soak in the word of God … saturate your attitude and spirit with God’s wisdom. It can make a great difference in the things you say, write, think, and experience during the day.

Maybe one of the reasons we do not meditate is that (1) we have made it into something it was never intended to be and (2) we think it is something hard that we really cannot do. Take a look at those Psalms I listed a few posts ago. God’s worship book is filled with instructions to meditation. Perhaps one way we honor / worship God is by giving him extended consideration in meditation.


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