John Robert’s Grave Marker, placed February 5th of 2009.

This is all new to us. Some of the steps that we think are going to just be so hard, are not as hard. At some of the steps we take we find ourselves unexpectedly weakened. It’s hard to predict what will bring a grief attack, but they do come. Sometimes the obvious things are not as hard as the situations that catch us by surprise.

Selecting a headstone for John Robert’s grave was met with some tears, but the sweet lady helping us made it easy. Then there was to be a wait of several weeks while the stone was made and placed. On February 10th we received a letter telling us that his grave marker had been set five days before. We were about to go out of town anyway, so this became our natural first stop, though it was far out of the way.

I sent out some Twitter and Facebook updates requesting prayer for us and received several affirmations of prayer. The cemetery was empty as we drove down the narrow road. We turn at the second right, there is a grave marker there with the name L O V E in big letters, a nice reminder of the location. About halfway down that lane we saw it. We immediately felt a sense of relief that it was placed and that we liked it.

We noticed the oak leaves in the corners, which to us represents his love for Gulf Coast Bible Camp. The cross, of course, represents his faith and the power of His Savior to save to the uttermost.  His name is placed within a book, which could be a Bible, but we more pictured it as a hymnal. This goes along with the phrase from the Bible above it, Singing A New Song. Maggy was the one who thought of using that as a epitaph, and it is so appropriate given his love for music and leading worship. A permanent vase reflects our ongoing love and our desire to express that love with beautiful flowers.

As we stood admiring this work a sister of one of Maggy’s uncles came to stand beside us. She was there to visit her husband’s grave, and she was so kind and gentle in talking to us. Then the one who keeps the cemetery looking so nice stopped by and talked with us for a long time. It occurred to me that God sent some consolers to be at our side, while at the same time the Divine Consoler was at work in our hearts. This was a time of peace, not turmoil. I’m sure we will continue to grieve, but this moment was stolen from the Enemy and sweetened by the presence of our Father.

We appreciate your prayers and thoughts so much.

And just a couple of other things before I close…

We enjoyed watching Granddaughter Claire dance in a competition this afternoon. Her two groups won Gold and High Gold respectively. The High Gold award went to a Lion King medley in which they all wore beautiful animal costumes… it was dazzling! Of course I thought she was perfect in both of her performances.

This evening we had a small family birthday gathering for Grandson Blake, who will turn 2 years old on the 15th. We were so happy to be there, as well as his other grandmother, Sammi.

Tomorrow we plan to worship with the Central Church of Christ. It will be good to see dear friends.

And I’m glad that Ben Overby is blogging again HERE. I missed him.

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