Many Many Thanks

Maggy and I spent most of today printing, folding, and addressing thank you letters. She has done a great job of keeping up with every contribution that was made to our Hurricane Relief work, accumulating names, amounts, special requests, etc. It seems that there has been very little time since August 29, 2005 to compose and send ‘thank you’ letters. But that’s what we did today. I think we prepared about 70 of them. There are still about 7 pages of addresses yet to go. This is actually the second wave of thank you letters. I don’t know how many were in the first run, some months ago. Sending all those letters out, though, reminds us of how many people have given of themselves to help the hurting along the Coast.  Only God knows. Most of the funds have now been used in the homes of our community. It both astounds me, and humbles me. It is hard to express how generous God’s big family really has been. I was talking with my neighbor tonight. He does not attend a church, but he says he has learned to appreciate church people more than he did before the storm. I appreciate his honesty.

I regret that at some point in the beginning of our recovery that it did not dawn on me that we should try to keep a record of the groups that came in to help us. There is no record, other than that which Our Father has recorded. All I know is that thousands of people have come our way. And they are still coming, though not as steadily. We currently have groups scheduled through next July. At this point, though, we are waiting for the Governor’s Fund to deliver the checks so that people will have the money to buy their own building supplies. We no longer can provide these supplies as we have been doing for the past year. There is plenty of work to do, though. Skilled workers are needed more than anything else.

The blog community has been a big part of the volunteer force. So many of you have sent contributions, visited the Coast to help work, brought other people with you, communicated with your leaders what needs we have down this way and offered many prayers. I’m indebted to you.

Where do we go from here? That’s a question that we have asked ourselves a thousand times over the past 14 months. The situation here is so fluid and it evolves so rapidly that we may be looking at an entirely new set of circumstances each day. I’ll speak for myself, and what I see Central doing ‘from here’. Tomorrow.


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