Manipulating the Diet Game


I’m not good at sports. I do not do well at fixing things. I can’t seem to balance while standing on a chair. I can’t seem to finish a nonfiction book, but I give it a great enthusiastic start. I am an accidental gardner, if it lives – it’s an accident. I have  a list of things I can’t do. But I am the master at manipulating the diet game.

Give me a diet … any diet … and I will research it from any angle. I will find out all of the loopholes and allowances. I’ll take advantage of every leeway the author of the diet provides out of mercy. I can take the points, carbs, calories … whatever … and I will cram a candy bar into that program legally. Yes, while on Atkins I made my own candy bars – back before you could buy them in the store! So there! On Weight Watchers I saved enough points at the end of the day for some cookies. I just know how to do this. It’s survival of the fittest … err… fattest. It is almost second nature to me to begin looking for a way that I will not have to deprive myself of something I want.

Which is one reason why this diet thing has failed me over the years. My friend Jason, who has dropped 100 pounds, says that the honest truth is that some nights you just have to go to bed hungry. Weight Watchers would fire him … Dr. Atkins would have doused him in bacon grease. But it’s about time somebody told the truth.

Maybe it’s just human nature to try to manipulate the data … avoid the consequences … justify the self … live by the appearance of righteousness. I can show you on paper that I’m right, who cares if I fudged on the details. (Fudge!)

One thing we have to know about ourselves is when we are manipulating the game. Have you heard someone (or yourself) manipulating some game or another?

*I know it’s porn but it’ll help me and my wife in our relations.

*I love Jesus, I just don’t like the church.

*It’s just one drink, that won’t be enough to send me on a binge.

*I will exercise tomorrow, I may have overdone it yesterday.

*It’s ok if I treat that person rudely, they were rude to me.

Maybe you get the picture. We need to stop manipulating the game. There are some immovable principles that are present to guide our way – even if they appear to leave some wiggle room. If I’m manipulating my diet (or a sinful habit, or my accountability partner, or  God’s Word, or people I love, or a healthful routine, or ________) … in such a way as to be able to fill my base desires while appearing to keep the rules, that is the very definition of hypocrisy.

Just because you’re good at it doesn’t mean you should keep doing it.

Something to think about. Thanks for reading.

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