Mailbag and Makeover

It’s Saturday, and a holiday weekend. So I know that means blog readers will be challenged to spend much time perusing the posts. However, I will press on with a few items just in case someone stops by to say howdy. We do have some relief workers from Eva, Alabama here again. Wonderful folks who have come several times trying to help an elderly lady just down the street from the church get back into her home. It will not be long until volunteers begin pouring in again and the work will continue. Now for a few items of interest…

MAILBAG. We received several Christmas cards this year with sweet notes in them. We appreciated each one. I am not sure people send cards like they used to. We basically keep a list of those who sent cards and try to return the love each year, but we do not send a card to everyone we know.

We did receive an interesting envelope in the church mail recently. It had two A. G. Hobbs tracts in it. However there was no explanatory note, no return address, and no indication at all who sent it. I suppose I am to read the little blue booklets and gain some insight that is needed? I have no idea, and I have no respect for anonymous posts or letters.

We also received a three page letter from a family that has worked down here extensively. One of the children made the effort to tell about their family and why it meant so much for them to work down here. I was so moved by this letter and it’s contents. There was a request to ‘not announce it with trumpets’, so that’s all I can really say. I can say it was a big blessing to my heart, though.

 MAKEOVER. Several months ago I did a tongue-in-cheek jab at church marketing called “28 Days To a Total Church Makeover”. Dee Andrews has suggested that I run this again, as she thought it was great. So, for Dee, I’ll run it again.


28 Days To a Total Church Makeover

Why wait 40 days? My new program uses a streamlined enhanced formula that produces extreme discipleship in less time with less hassle than the other more popular church programs. Because we only focus on 28 days, the program fits nicely into any month of the year. The simplicity of this program will astound you, especially when you begin to feel like you have really made progress in your spiritual journey. I can’t give you all of the details here, but just to get you off on the right foot, here is a list of the items for purchase per member:

*28 Days to Total Church Makeover the book, for each member of your church.

*28 Video Devotionals For Daily Church Makeover featuring my impressive spiritual thoughts for conviction and convenience.

*28 Days To Total Church Makeover Journal so that you can write down all of the progress you are making. Later, these reflections will let you know just how important all of this was.

*28 Days to Total Church Makeover for Kids on DVD. Don’t leave the kiddos out.

*28 Days to Total Church Makeover T-Shirts and Hats. This will help you keep the message of the Bible close to your heart.

*28 Days to Total Church Makeover Live Seminar via satellite linkup. Coming soon to an evangelical church near you.

*28 Days to Total Church Makeover the subscriber internet site with lots of downloads.

*28 Days to Total Church Makeover for women.

*28 Days to Total Church Makeover diet plan.

*28 Days to Total Church Makeover budget planner.

*28 Days to Total Church Makeover Guide to Obscure Bible Prayers. Never heard of these prayers before? We will study them word by word to find powerful prayers that we can repeat over and over so that you can have fabulous results.

*28 Days to Total Church Makeover capital fund raising campaign. Learn how to make members understand the fantastic energizing principle of guilt giving.

All of this and much more for a total investment of $2,000 per member. You may be wondering how we keep the cost so low. Our commitment is to genuine ministry and sincere service. You’ll look back with pride at this momentous decision. At no additional charge, if you will place your order today, when you are through our wonderful telemarketers will call you relentlessly for months on end to convince you to purchase 28 MORE DAYS TO TOTAL CHURCH MAKEOVER.


I hope you have a great weekend. Tomorrow: my capricious resolutions.

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