Love In The Mail

Tonight at a local eatery I met a team of Baptist disaster relief workers from Kentucky. I enjoyed a good conversation with them. Central will have workers from Illinois, and two groups from Missouri. I look forward to a great week together.


I have had an idea and wanted to see how it develops! LOVE IN THE MAIL is a new Yahoo Group that has been created to give opportunity to bring words of encouragement to those who are hurting. Here’s how this group works: Once a week you will receive an e-mail from me. This e-mail will have the name and address of a person, a brief description of their struggle, and a list of everyone who participated last week. The names / addresses will be acquired from group members who send in suggestions for the next mail out. These suggestions will come to me only, because the group is moderated. So, feel free to respond to the e-mails and know that only I will see them (or any other appointed moderators). As a member of this group you are making a commitment to send the person a card.  It is up to you whether or not to include a small currency gift, a return address (you may or may not feel comfortable including your home address), or anything more than a card (small gift book, bookmark, etc.). Mostly the purpose is just a contact, a word of encouragement, and the indication that they have been prayed for.

You are also asked to e-mail me, the group owner, to let me know you did send some love in the mail out this week. I will put your name in the list so that everyone will be encouraged to participate. This is not a necessary part of participating, but it will encourage others.

If you feel you will not send the cards, then please do not join the group. We will be sending cards to P. O. Boxes and church addresses, and not sending out personal home addresses over an e-mail group unless we have permission to do so. It’s an opportunity to help lift someone’s day. We never know how important this ministry could be. It will cost you very little, but it could bring the riches of God’s encouragement to someone who is hurting. Make a home made card if you want!

So, what do you think? What if we had a group of 500 people and someone who was hurting received 500 cards in the mail one week … can you imagine the complete joy this could bring?

Why not share this idea with some friends you think would like to participate! How to subscribe? Send a blank email to:

That’s it. Let’s see what happens next!

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