Love in the Mail – Seeking 100 Encouragers!

LOVE IN THE MAIL  is a simple ministry that means a lot. Every one of us knows people from our church or other associations who are hurting either because of physical ailment or some hardship in life. I believe it is important to lift a burden if we can … even if only for a day. Can you imagine in one of the dark moments of your life going to the mailbox and finding several cards from strangers who are praying for you and sending their well-wishes? And because of the distance of the people writing and the mail service each day for a week or so you will find these encouraging notes in your mailbox. Don’t you think that would lift your spirits? That’s the simple idea behind LOVE IN THE MAIL.

It is my dream and goal to have 100 people who each week will send a card to a stranger in the name of Christ. Currently we have 19 who are sending cards. That’s good … but I am hoping to recruit some more encouragers from my OUT HERE HOPE REMAINS readers! This can be a great youth group or class project. It costs very little and takes only a few moments of your time. We usually have only one or two names each week. And I hope that one day there will be a cancer patient somewhere that will receive 100 cards in the mail to lift their spirits. I hope that some grieving widow will be reminded 100 times that Christ cares about her pain…through Christ’s people who cared enough to write. I hope that some servant in the church who has spent their lives blessing others will get 100 ‘pats on the back’ directly from their mailbox. We have now submitted 27 names into the group … so we’re just getting started.

So what about YOU? Can you join with us in this ministry of encouragement? It is as simple as joining a Yahoo Group by clicking THIS LINK. If for some reason you do not know how to do that or are unsure about it, e-mail me and I can add you to the group. Once you join the group you can go to the website at the same link and get the latest few addresses and start right away …. or you can wait until next Monday when the recipients will arrive in your e-mail box.

Now a request … and I appreciate you tolerating this request! I would like to ask as many of you as are willing to link back to this post in your blog so that we can spread the word. Will you help me recruit an army of 100 encouragers?

Matthew took two days off. I think he does a good job of describing the interesting dilemma of ministers taking time “off”. I remember an elderly friend in the first church for which I preached. She couldn’t understand ministers being “off” … she said, “So if I need you I need to check the calendar and see if you’re available or not? I don’t think so!” I think she equated “off” with “Don’t bug me, I don’t have to care for you during this time”. Not so. However if ministers (and their wives) do not take care of themselves, they have nothing to offer others. I understand the guilt that comes from taking time off as well … and I think it is part of the Superpastor complex that many ministers develop when everything that happens depends on them. Maybe some of those things do not need to happen. Any other ministers have a hard time getting away? Jim Martin takes the entire month of July “off”. Two weeks are for study, two weeks for vacation. I think that’s a great way to recharge his batteries and I would guess the congregation benefits from his experience.

Eben writes about a great ministry: Adventures in Missions. I love AIM … especially the presentation of the flags at Tulsa Workshop … I’m always verklempt watching these young people carry the flags of the countries to which they plan to go work in the mission field.

Dr. Jeff Masters: The fact that we’ve had a quiet July does not mean we can expect a slower than average hurricane season. The peak of hurricane season is September 10 … we’ve got a little ways to go…but I’m thankful that it’s been quiet thus far.

Excellent Essay: The Pornography Culture. Thanks to Milton Stanley for linking to it.

Thanks for reading!


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