We are revisiting LOST at our house. In my opinion LOST is exceptional television viewing that challenges the mind and sparks the imagination. The writers have done an outstanding job of providing a story that presents more questions than answers around every turn. It is my goal to watch seasons 1-3 before season 4 kicks off on January 31st. It is just as exciting and perhaps even more intriguing this time around, since we know more about the character’s stories before they crashed onto the island. It is the backflashes into their lives prior to the crash that make the show a rich experience. Each character has a story … some of them intersect with other people who are also stranded on the mysterious island.

I think one reason this show is so popular is because it is our story. We are LOST on an island where we have troubles finding our way. When we think we have some constant or another figured out, the rules change and what we thought was sure and true turns out to be only a doorway into other realities. Even the most pragmatic among us must admit that our solidly considered plans do not bring us the results we expected. Some of those failed plans send us into wildly dangerous circumstances that threaten our lives. 

If you think I’m exaggerating just ask the patient who hears the word “cancer” from the doctor’s lips. Contemplate the reluctant drug addict trying to survive the DTs one more time in a desperate attempt at sobriety. Listen to the loud silence as a lady looks up from her steering wheel after she has crashed into another. Let your heart race with the teenager who watches a fellow student shooting his friends in the hallway of their high school. Walk out of the abortion clinic with the no longer pregnant young woman who is stunned by her own decision. Yes, every day all around us incredible dangers are endured and grappled with by unprepared and unable people just like us.

In each case it is the story behind the story that matters. What brings us to this place, and what drives us to this action? LOST. We’re lost. But we’re not without hope. His name is Jesus and he will run through a thousand jungles, pull you out of a hundred burning buildings, heal the hurting soul and sometimes the body. He brings recovery and relief. He doesn’t answer all of your questions but that isn’t what we really need. LOST people only need to be reoriented to the way out. The unanswered questions are immaterial at this point.

I think LOST is more than a television show, it is the story of our own times. We recognize it and watch breathlessly as we see how it plays out. Our rescue is not a rescue from the Island Earth. It is a rescue within it. And those who have found the way must relentlessly show others the way. Time is running out.

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