LOST: They Got Sick

¬†Their team crashed on the island. Before long they all got sick. She killed them all. Then she recorded a distress signal and put it on a continual loop. That was the voice that Sayid and others heard on a hillside many years later. In fact it was sixteen years later the mysterious and illulsive Danielle Rousseau told Sayid this story. In the LOST story she comes and goes at will. She emerges from the woods to impart important information, sometimes doing the unexplainable, always ‘on the edge’ enough to let you know that she isn’t quite all there. But she’s sane enough to guide the Losties through some treacherous territory along the way. Rousseau is played by the talented Mira Furlan, star of theater, film, and television in her home, Croatia. Attentive viewers may have noticed her on Babylon 5. But back to LOST … her team got sick.

And maybe that’s a good way to describe those of us who have been entranced by the story of LOST. As I have been relating, I think this is because it is our story, without being filmed in Hawaii of course. But if you think I’ve gone LOST crazy, you may not realize the tsunami of internet craziness about this outstanding television experience. I’ve been posting some of the fan-created videos. I’ve got a great one for this post – at the end. But first I want to give you a sampling of the sickness that’s gripped us all!

For a lot of inside information, you don’t want to miss Doc Arzt’s Blog. Doc is posting all the cool crazy stuff about LOST he can find on the net. This is the place where I found out about the Oceanic Airlines billboards. Maybe you’ve seen one like this one in Ames, Iowa:

You realize, of course, that Oceanic is a fictional airline. Can you believe that ABC is promoting LOST with billboards that mention neither the time nor date of the season premiere? Why? Because they do not have to tell when this show comes on – everybody knows. Notice Big Ben in the upper left hand corner … it’s 8:15….the flight number of the plane that crashed onto the Island. These billboards are showing up everywhere – New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Tustin, Porland, Knoxville, Seoul (Sough Korea), and Sydney (Australia). You can see them on Doc’s blog.

If that isn’t enough, you can always call and get updates on Oceanic’s progress into the investigation of the disappearance of flight 815. Just call toll free 888-548-0034. No kidding. Or check out their website. If the website looks like it’s been hijacked, remember you’re dealing with LOST here.

You can personally join in the search and try to Find 815 in a series of games and detective work.

If you need more info about the show, you can consult the Lost Hatch.

The Heroic Lost Ninja is finding LOST even in his comic books!

For the most thorough season recaps and character studies, the Lostpedia has been invaluable help to me.

You can visit The Tail Section for details and info.

Lost-Media looks pretty good.

You can have The Lost Experience.

And we shouldn’t leave out the official LOST ABC website.

There are several links on Doc Arzt’s blog such as…

The Josh Meister’s Lost Blog.

Station Zero.


Sledgeweb’s Lost…Stuff.

Lost Virtual Tour.

Dark UFO.

And that’s just a sample of the thousands of websites out there given to the themes of LOST. Gives you a little insight into what Rousseau was dealing with. They got sick. She kilt ’em! Maybe that’s the only cure! To end this post about LOST madness, I just know you’ll love this fan video:


Thanks for reading! Have a great weekend!



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