LOST: The Faith of Rose

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Bernard & Rose

No one could have expected Oceanic Flight 815 to break apart in mid-air. Flashes of the mundane activities going on during that flight remind us of the sudden nature of this disaster that plunges us into the story of LOST.  Bernard had walked to the back of the plane in order to go to the restroom. Turbulence began to shake the plane. Jack looked across the aisle and saw a frightened Rose, Bernard’s wife. Just after assurances that all would be well, the plane broke apart and the tail section pulled away from the middle of the plane. After the crash Rose is unconscious on the beach, but Dr. Jack Shepherd is able to rescusitate her. Later Jack sees Rose sitting on a sand dune looking out into the ocean silently. He sits beside her to comfort her. When she mentions her husband that was in the tail section,

Jack expresses his sorrow at Bernard’s loss. A sweet smile of peace crosses her face as Rose says, “He’s not dead. I know it.” 

It is Rose who comforts Charlie after the kidnapping of Claire. He is struggling with his failure to keep her safe … unsure of what to think of himself … knowing that others blame him. Rose assures him that everyone knows that he did what he could. She places her arms around him and looks up into the heavens and begins to say a prayer for the grief-stricken Charlie. In season two we see Rose once again clutching her husband’s wedding ring that she wears around her neck. She never looks flustered or frightful, always knowing. It’s also in season two that [skip long story segment here] Michael, Sawyer, and Jin are captured by the four tailgate survivors. A man walks up to them and asks if there is a survivor on the island named Rose. It is Bernard. Rose never lost faith, and it appears that she was right. A tearful reunion is ahead.

For the longest time on the Island, Rose knows something that she has kept to herself. Back in the states she was told that she had terminal cancer. Bernard took her to Australia to see a faith healer, but it didn’t work. Rose, however, told Bernard that it did work so he would stop worrying. Once on the Island, Rose could feel her body healing. Locke experienced a similar healing after the crash, his paralysis disappearing. She eventually confessed this secret to Bernard and also expressed her fear that if she left the island the cancer may come back. An emotional Bernard then professed that they would never leave the Island.

I think that one of the key elements of LOST is faith. It is certainly a giant struggle between Jack (a man of science) and Locke (a man of faith). Nothing on the island is as safe as it appears, or as dangerous as it appears. There are so many unknown factors in their sojourn as stranded travelers. Those who feel that they know exactly what to do and take off in specific directions are often the ones who are caught in the greatest dilemmas. In the face of not knowing, Rose maintained her faith.

Wouldn’t we all like to be a bit more like Rose? Calm. Faithful. Unruffled. Resourceful. Prayerful. No matter what crazy things were going on around her, she was able to face them with courage. She was a person that could be counted on, as she later helped manage the food supply for the losties. It would have been easy for Rose to fall apart. After all she was terminal, in a plane crash, separated from her husband for 50 days, and we even see her toting around sections of the crashed plane to build her own hut! We all need that person in our lives who is “solid as a rock” – the one who knows to remind us to pray, trust, allow God’s will. Stranded on an island with people who seem bent on knowing all they could about polar bears, wild boars, hatches, Others, and smoke clouds, Rose remains solid as someone who only wanted the basics of life: her health, her husband, and her God.

 I’m sorry that Rose didn’t have a larger role in the first three seasons, but I suppose she got more airtime than many others.

Here’s a great LOST video set to Oasis’ awesome song Stop Crying Your Heart Out.

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