Reflection of The Lord’s Prayer

Abba Father,

…You are so far beyond us in holiness

…Your Authority and Your perfect-in-every-way-ness

…In many ways You are in another place and another time, You are fully other.

And yet You are ever-present in real and tangible ways; in silent and mysterious ways.

As we recognize and acknowledge who You are, we submit our lives to You.

…We invite You to reign in our lives.

…We invite Your will to control our self-seeking hearts.

…We invite You to so fully cultivate the Kingdom in our hearts that we are now as we will be one day, when we traverse into new realities in eternity.

We admit our dependence on You for daily survival.

…It is Your gift that we have food to eat, sustenance for the day.

…It is Your gift that we are forgiven, grace for each day.

…It is Your gift that empowers us to forgive others, setting them free from our unrighteous judgments  – and even the judgments that may be correct.

Father we need your power against our enemy. We have no power to defeat him. Our own hearts betray us. Please oversee our steps and lead us from his evil ways.

As we give ourselves to you, Father, we proclaim your reign, we live in your strength and ability and will. We praise You not only now, but always.

Amen. (?)

~John Dobbs

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