Living With Confidence In A Chaotic World by Dr. David Jeremiah

Living With Confidence in a Chaotic World is Dr. David Jeremiah’s message to a world that has turned upside down. If for some reason you are unsure if the world is chaotic, then all you would have to do is read his introduction. It is a chilling vision of the world in which we live. With the precision of a prophet, Jeremiah replays the devastating economic effects of the past few years and asks, “How did we get here, Lord? How could we not have foreseen that this storm was coming?” What is amazing to me as I read through his book is that the events that have occurred since publication make his book even more powerful and needed.

The message of this book is one of hope. On pages 97-98 he writes, “This book is about what on earth we should be doing in times like these, based on passages about the return of Christ. ” In practical terms Jeremiah encourages Christians to find their way through the chaos by hanging on to faith, serving other people, growing in our commitment, and not allowing the crumbling world around us to steal our joy in the knowledge of Jesus Christ.  Each chapter reminds us of the certainty of the return of Jesus Christ, and our calling to live within the shadow of that truth.

I liked several things about this book. I liked the stories and quotes that illustrate each chapter. They help the reader to identify with the teaching and make application. I like the specific and practical suggestions in each chapter for dealing with the world around us in various settings. I love the fact that each chapter is filled with Scripture references, assuring that this isn’t just Jeremiah’s message, it comes from God.

As a minister I found this book very helpful. It is obvious that these chapters were sermons preached, and they had a flavor of persuasiveness that I appreciated. I was able to use a few of the chapters in conjunction with some of my sermons and it was quite an excellent source of supplementary material. I would think Bible classes, small groups, book clubs would find plenty to discuss in each chapter.

What follows are some of my favorite quotes from the book that I have underlined…

Those who are watching us don’t weigh the size of the Bibles we carry. they don’t keep a calendar for totaling the number of bible study meetings we attend, nor do they give us a test on mastery of biblical trivia. But they watch with intense interest to see how we treat others: first, those who are close to us and then – the championship round – everyone else. (p 33)

And how did Jesus live? he loved people everywhere He went. He touched lepers, befriended social pariahs, cured sick people, cherished children, and had compassion for everyone in his path. … In his deepest hours of agony, never for a moment did he take a break from loving others. (p 39)

That means your Bible is a full utility kit for everything you need to live with confidence din this chaotic world. There’s nothing else tangible in life that is as wonderful and complete as the written word of God. (p 71)

Relationships are part of our basic design. We require a relationship with God’s only Son, Jesus Christ, in order to be saved. After that, a great deal of our growth as believers comes through the accountability that fellow Christians provide within spiritual community. (p 95)

Just as your  hand might gently enfold a rose petal, God’s hand gently enfolds you – again, with Christ. The phrase is ‘with Christ, in God.” I certainly can’t think of a more secure place to be. (p 126)

God has His timetable. From our perspective, He waits. And what is He waiting for? In particular, for us to share the news about Him. There is someone who needs to hear about Christ at this very moment, someone within your sphere of acquaintances. (p 201)

If I had any criticisms of the book, they would be minor. A few of the chapters seem to wander along too long, tempting one to skip to the next page. I also found some of the illustrations dated, although they were pertinent.

Overall I would recommend this book. I have a few other David Jeremiah books in my library and I hope to read them soon.

Living With Confidence in a Chaotic World was published by Thomas Nelson in 2009 and should be available wherever you buy books.

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