Live From New Orleans

Well, it’s ‘LIVE’ right now any way. I’m in New Orleans at my parent’s home. I stopped by World of Wings and brought home some honey bar-b-q wings to share with my mother. We will go to the hospital to visit my stepdad tomorrow.  Ok, here’s the latest scoop on both of them.

Harold is not going to have lung surgery after all. He is just not well enough to go through the operation. They took a needle biopsy today of a spot and some fluid around his lung. We will not know much from those until later. He is in the hospital still (since Monday). Maybe he’ll get to come home soon because it appears they are doing nothing much for him medically at this point.

My mother will have surgery Friday to have a port placed in which her chemotherapy will be administered. I’m not sure when that starts, but I presume it will be soon.

I do appreciate the prayers and ask you to continue to pray. The last scan revealed that the spot on my dad’s lung had actually shrunk some … we hope this is a trend … and we want to ask God to clear it up.

Now as for the less serious stuff … American Idol. Amanda was sent home tonight. I think Amanda did not market herself very well. There is a place for a Bonnie Tyler type rough voiced vixen … but I think if Amanda had not tried to present herself as such a heavy metal biker chick she would have fared better. I would have liked to have heard her tackle a Stevie Nicks rocker or a Pat Benatar hit … but on these later shows she didn’t have much choice. Anyway, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with heavy metal biker chicks, but I do think if you are attempting to appeal to a certain group, it ought to be a very large one that votes. And that’s why my TOP THREE PICKS are David Archuleta, David Cook, and Michael Johns. David Cook has to do something different. His fuzz guitar / growly hair in the face act has had enough exposure. Can he do anything else? I hope so, for his sake. Michael needs to pick out songs the FANS like, not necessarily his favorite songs. He’s from another country, but he’s counting on American fans to vote for him. He’s got talent like crazy but he needs to sing with the fans in mind … and not pick sentimental favorites. That was a mistake this week, in my opinion. David A can do no wrong – except to forget his words. I think he learned his lesson and was spared … he has a rich voice, a great smile, and a natural warmth. David A is your American Idol for 2008 unless he finds some way to blow it. The girls? Well … I like Brooke … but she nearly blew up her career this week. I think Carly could possibly make the top 3 if one of those three guys blows it …but I wouldn’t count on it. That’s my idle Idol chatter for the night.

It’s late and been a long day … so I’m outta here. Thanks for those who twittered last night (or tried!) … and the live cam thing was fun, maybe we’ll do that again too. Since I am the ‘Blog King’, I feel I must expand my territory. By the way, I do “Twitter” throughout the day when online … you can see my latest three twitters on this page (top right), on my facebook page, but the best way is to sign up for Twitter and follow me … and I’ll follow you as well.

Now Dr. Clif wants me to try Firefox … Chris Pirillo in his latest post encourages use of Safari … does anyone else use a web browser other than IE?

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