Well, I got way way way behind on Google Reader and I determined tonight to catch up. So I’m going to share some of the best stuff I read. I hope something here catches your attention. You know, if the millions of my readers all go to the same blog at once it might blow up. So try to gently glide from post to post, pausing so as to allow it full time to settle in, reading for the important points being made, and then browsing on to the next post. That way you’ll get the most out of them! Otherwise we’ll have to go maybe 50 at a time to each post, and you know how long that will take. Well, here goes … let me know which one you liked the best. It is OK to say that you liked your own the best. We will think less of you, but that only gives you a sense of angst which is excellent fodder for yet another post. See how much I love you!

Donna’s been blogging about the 12 days of Christmas.

Terry demonstrates how the Spirit helps us help others.

Adam and Nick are both trying to schedule their blog topics in order to be more intentional about blogging. Perhaps blogging should be disciplined, or perhaps it should be more like a runny nose – spilling out whenever it feels like it. I dunno.

Darrin’s “Care Center” becomes a resource for those who are hurting. Excellent!

Brant’s Christmas Advice: Stop Buying Crap You Can’t Afford Just Because It’s Christmas. It is pure therapy to read this post. Do so now.

Justin wants to know why we’re buying so much! More about spending? What are you hoping to get Justin, bricks?

John Alan Turner reveals who’s paying the most for Christmas. Ah, that seems better.

Craig’s right about Christian Benefits. He likes me, he really really likes me!

Good Question and a Good Answer! Short and sweet.

Zane’s thoughts about Jamie Lynn Spears echo my own. Thanks Zane.

Adult Children of Alcoholics and Co-Dependency.

Signs Your Local McDonalds Was Bought Out By That Huge Church Down The Street! Humor…the way I like it!

Read Amanda’s excellent thoughts about this world not being our home.

I still can’t quit laughing at this site.

For the three people who haven’t seen this yet…


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