The Life and Times of Precious the Dog

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Precious the Dog

Precious the dog was acquired by Dick Willingham approximately 15 years ago. Ollie Sue, Dick’s wife, was not too happy about it and declared that he would have to take care of the dog. Well, it wasn’t long before they were both happy about having Precious. Precious’ canine parents lived in the house behind Dick and Ollie’s home in Ruleville, MS. During the years she lived with Dick and Ollie she would spend her naptimes at the feet of her human father. Whenever Dick would open the door to go to the mailbox Precious would jet out the door like lightning. She was fast! One time she shot out the door, down the driveway, and into the street where she was hit by a car. It must have just nicked her because she rolled over a few times and didn’t miss a beat. Another thing I remember about Precious during those years is that she ballooned from a canine into a bovine. Dick and Ollie were just certain that she wouldn’t eat her dog food without a little human food mixed in. She was quite large on her little frame! We enjoyed Precious when we visited and even have a picture of John Robert and Precious taking a nap on the couch together.

As time passed, we said goodbye to Maggy’s dad and Precious became a companion to Ollie.  Precious still liked to lay by the chair that Dick sat in all the time. When it became obvious that Ollie couldn’t live by herself any longer, she came to our house to live and brought Precious with her. Some months later Ollie’s needs were more than we could provide so she went back to her hometown to a nursing facility and Precious stayed with us. She and Jackson the dachshund were happy co-pets.

Ollie passed away in September of 2015 and the home where Dick and Ollie and Precious lived has now been sold. Today we said goodbye to Precious. The vet said it was a hard decision but the right decision.

In some way Precious was a thread that ran through the process of losing Maggy’s aging parents and for a few years we loved them by loving Precious for them. The passing of Dick and Ollie and Precious reminds us that the life we live now will someday exist only in someone else’s memory. Our pets become to us so much more than furry four legged animals. And I think that’s what God had in mind when He gave them to us…. and us to them.

Thanks for reading, JD.


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