Leroy Garrett’s Soldier On Essays

I don’t know how many people are enjoying Leroy Garrett’s occasional essays that have been sent out via email for quite a long time, but they are rich in information and encouragement. He has placed more than 400 of these essays in an e-book, Soldier On Essays, that is selling on Amazon for less than a dollar. That is the bargain of a lifetime.

With graduate degrees from Princeton and Harvard, brother Garrett has been a strong voice among churches of Christ over the past half century. In his late nineties, his mind remains sharp as he continues to write and think and encourage. His book, A Lover’s Quarrel, remains one of my favorite books.

But my very favorite essay of them all is “Talking with Ouida on the park bench” (Essay 191). It was during Ouida’s last days on planet earth and we talked about the exceedingly great promises of God, the wonderful works of God, and the hope and glory of heaven. Noting God’s handwork all about us, we pondered how exciting heaven must be. And if such a magnificent God loves us and is for us we have nothing to fear, for we win, no matter what happens. I would begin to quote Romans 8:31, “If God is for us.” Ouida would quote the rest, “who can be against us?” ~ Leroy Garrett

Below is the link to the new book by brother Garrett, and my favorite one. In addition he has had several shorter selections posted … as well as some from a magazine he edited for many years.

I encourage you to become familiar with his work. Thanks for reading. John