Book Review: Leadership Alone Isn’t Enough

Leadership Alone Isn’t Enough: 40 Devotions to Strengthen Your SoulLeadership Alone Isn’t Enough: 40 Devotions to Strengthen Your Soul by Dan Reiland
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Dan Reiland has written such an encouraging book for church leaders in LEADERSHIP ALONE ISN’T ENOUGH. I found this book very refreshing in my faith and encouraging in my walk with the Lord among His people.

Dan has served in church leadership for more than forty years. This is his fourth book. He blogs regularly at

In this book, each chapter is easy to read, has insights that are important, and a question to contemplate. I appreciated that each chapter begins with a Scripture (indexed in the back for easy reference). A bonus in this book is a set of prayers for leaders at the end.

I pretty much emptied my highlighter in this book, there is so much wisdom here. This book is written from the perspective of warmth, friendship, and wisdom. I really felt like I was in the room with Dan, a wise friend, who was sharing what he had learned with me personally. That’s a strong gift, when it comes to writing.

Below are a few of the many thoughts that I highlighted:

“I need God to fill the gaps and shore up the limitations of my perspectives with his peace.”

“God may define success, or failure, differently than you do.”

“Ultimately, your confidence as a leader is found in Christ, but there is a part you own as well.”

“Trust lives more in the natural realm… When you trust God, you prepare to your best ability, pray like crazy, teach biblical truth boldly, and then trust God with the results.”

“The more genuine your humility, the less aware of it you are, and the more your leadership takes on the quality of a servant.”

“Ask the Holy Spirit to bring strength in those moments to create peace over panic and clarity over confusion.”

“Yet even though leaders are often surrounded by people, they regularly confess to feeling alone.”

“Ask God to help you in one area at a time, and consider giving someone in your life permission to walk alongside you for accountability and encouragement.”

“There is power in reading, knowing, understanding, internalizing, meditating, and memorizing scripture because the Holy Spirit can use those disciplines to strengthen you and help you escape temptation.”

“God lavished grace on you and desires that you generously give it to others as well … when it comes to how you treat people, it’s rare that you will take grace too far.”

I highly recommend this book to church leaders. I am so grateful for Dan Reiland’s work. I’m sure I will return to it often.

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