The Last Post

11.5.14I wonder if you, like me, have thought about your last post in social media?

The Bible is pretty clear that life runs by us pretty fast. James says that life is like a vapor. Peter says life is like grass that grows up in the day but withers in the heat of the afternoon. Job says that life is like sparks that fly up in the sky and disappear.

So what was that you just posted? I don’t want to be paranoid but it might help to be thoughtful about things we write for other people to see. Who knows if that might be the last post that you write? Who knows if this might be the last post I write on this blog?

Famous last words have been a source of fascination for a long time. Did you hear about one redneck’s famous last words? “Hey Bubba, watch this!”

THIS POST had a list of 64 people and their famous last words. A few that caught my eye …

Frank Sinatra died after saying, “I’m losing it.”

Author Herman Melville died saying, “God bless Captain Vere!” referencing his then-unpublished novel Billy Budd, found on his desk after he died.

As Benjamin Franklin lay dying at the age of 84, his daughter told him to change position in bed so he could breathe more easily. Franklin’s last words were, “A dying man can do nothing easy.”

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, who wrote the Sherlock Holmes stories, died at age 71 in his garden. He turned to his wife and said, “You are wonderful,” then clutched his chest and died.

Actor Michael Landon, best known for Little House on the Prairie and Highway to Heaven, died of cancer in 1991. His family gathered around his bed, and his son said it was time to move on. Landon said, “You’re right. It’s time. I love you all.”

When he was 57, Edward R. Murrow died while patting his wife’s hand. He said, “Well, Jan, we were lucky at that.”

 When Groucho Marx was dying, he let out one last quip: “This is no way to live!”

Baseball player “Moe” Berg’s last words: “How did the Mets do today?”

I don’t know how successful we can be in planning our last words – we don’t always have a lot of warning. But I do think we can think about what we say out loud for all the social media world to hear. It may be a good thing to consider at times as we review our timeline.

Would I be happy for this to be my last post?

Thanks for reading. JD (who does not plan for this to be his last post!)

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