Ladies Day

We had a Ladies Day at our church today. That would normally be a good clue for me to stay away from the church building. However, I was asked to run the a/v for the event. I have to hand it to Mignon Riley, she did a great job of involving lots of others, inviting many, and selecting the guest speaker.

Sarah Riley Stirman was the guest speaker. She had two great messages. There was a flower arrangement demonstration with Allison Chapman. Singing led by Rhonda Crawford and her daughters. Food was planned by Jana Graves and Becky Solley. The building was beautifully decorated by Mancy Howard and Vicki Casiday. This is really just the tip of the iceberg as far as how many people were involved in putting things together. In fact, since I was just the a/v guy, I do not even know how many were involved.

But I have a few observations…

I know that everyone who participated enjoyed the day. It was just very good. But I always wonder why there is not more participation. I know that there are other obligations that we just cannot escape. But as with mosth church events I am sorry for what the non-participants missed – and I’m sorry that they were not on hand to bless and encourage others.

I am reminded that without the women in our churches, we would have to close the doors. When I looked out at those assembled I saw most of the women that usually volunteer to help whenever there is a need. I saw the women that are at every assembly, the ones that make things happen, the ones that give life and energy to Forsythe church. There are others, of course, who weren’t there that are very involved in the church… but of the ones that were there, you can always count on them.

I thought about the power in that room. The mothers and grandmothers who have such influence in their families. The encouragements to reach out and the compassionate hearts that drive the women to bless others. And these ladies came from various congregations, so I know that their influence is spreading throughout our parish.

I also was a bit jealous. My friend in Fort Wayne and another friend in Searcy report men’s gatherings / men’s rallys where men gather to worship and are encouraged to be strong in Jesus Christ. I’d like to plan something like that … but I’m always plagued by the feeling that no one would show up!

I’m glad I got to go to Ladies Day. A rare privilege!


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