King of Blogs?


Now that the latest Christian Chronicle is making the rounds something is becoming evident. People actually read Bobby Ross’ column each month! I’m glad, because I like Bobby an awful lot. He was a big encouragement to me in the days following Katrina. In his most recent column he mentioned several sets of ‘threes’ … as if he were answering some Internet meme. Maybe someone tagged him and he got mixed up and answered in his column instead of his blog, I don’t know. But either way, he mentioned this blog as one of his favorite three. Yes, I already mentioned this right after it was published but things have changed. One of my elders and my youth minister are calling me ‘Blog King’. Now I’m finding this humorous believe me. Everyone who reads this blog knows I post often and I enjoy sharing my Charlie Brown life with all. Someone should get a kick out of it. If it weren’t me, I’d laugh.

But I really think that the Blog King (within churches of Christ) is Mike Cope. (Sorry that I did not reciprocate my blog royalty back at ya, Bobby! You’re already the king of Christian newspaper editors.) Mike could post a Shakespearean sonnet and get 75 comments. Everyone knows that comments make a great blog, not the blog itself. There are a multitude of amazing posts in the blog world every day … but if there are no comments (see many of my posts for an example), then the blog writer begins mumbling to himself. They’re not reading my posts, they say to themselves. They don’t like what I wrote, he or she imagines. I said something dumb and they’re laughing at me, or so it goes. But comments clear up the self-imposed doubt and bring clarity. Especially when they point out that a commenter did not like what you wrote and thinks it’s dumb.

But getting back to Mike Cope. He not only has a multitude of comments, he has a great and spirited debate among his commenters. There are comments from all spectrums. Mike posts something kind of ordinary … like … At Highland we had a great service yesterday. And within the hour there are debates raging about baby baptisms and women preachers, instrumental music and ACU. It’s like blog magic. But alas, Mikey (I don’t know him, I just want you to think I do) has stopped blogging as much. I don’t know why. There was a post sometime back about silence. Preachers and silence do not go together. They should, perhaps, but preachers end up talking about being silent. It is possible that Mike takes his blog readers for granted … that he has become a Blog Diva, only dishing out tiny bits of himself to keep his readers hungry. It could happen. Anyway, we’re always glad when we get a post from Mike.

So, Bobby, thank you for mentioning me. I know you mentioned two others … one of them including one of my best friends. Now I can spend considerable time wondering what all the people will think when they follow your link to this blog. Especially when they learn of my fascination with LOST and AMERICAN IDOL. I have intense writer’s block … wanting to impress.

Well, the only thing I can think to do is to follow suit and post my top-ten-can’t-miss blogs for your perusal. Now for this elite list, I must qualify a few things. They must normally have a daily post. (Sorry Mike, you just fell to #11. Oh how the mighty…nevermind.) But not just a daily post, but one you are so happy to have read. It provides a smile or an insight. Not all are religious. Sometimes they say things I wish they wouldn’t. Some are simply informative. Some personal, some not. But I do not miss reading these … top-ten-can’t-miss blogs.

I think I will make that my next post. 


All my best to Patrick Swayze, star of many of my wife’s favorite movies. Pancreatic cancer is serious business.

Thanks for reading.


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