Kindle Finds for June 17, 2012

Today’s finds include a sample of free sermon books (which does not indicate endorsement of all contents!) and some downhome Southern humor from a great Louisiana author! Amazon Kindle e-books change prices frequently, so be sure to note what the price is before you click ‘buy’!


Simple Sermon Outlines. Straight forward sermon outlines.

Sermons on Isaiah. These are sermon outlines of Phineas Bresee, prepared in book form.

The Overcoming Life and Other Sermons by Dwight L. Moody.

Sermons on Biblical Characters by Clovis Chappell.

$12.99 – From North Louisiana Author Shellie Rushing Tomlinson 

Suck Your Stomach In and Put Some Color On!: What Southern Mamas Tell Their Daughters that the Rest of Y’all Should Know Too
In this humorous handbook, Shellie Rushing Tomlinson, host of All Things Southern, reveals the all-important lessons Southern Mamas teach their daughters. Shellie carefully breaks down the teachings behind those famous manners and social graces through her firsthand observations and dry wit. Woven with quotes from real Southern Mamas and sprinkled with recipes and other Southern secrets, this book’s a bona-fide celebration of all things south of the Mason-Dixon Line.

Sue Ellen’s Girl Ain’t Fat, She Just Weighs Heavy: The Belle of All Things Southern Dishes on Men, Money, and Not Losing Your Midlife Mind

Guided by principles from the ancient Belle Doctrine, the host of radio and television’s All Things Southern offers down-home advice on everything from health and fitness-managing thy caloric calculations without going Straight Running Crazy and surviving the Raging Inferno Syndrome (aka hot flashes)-to the Southern art of handling your man (Bubba Whispering). Whether giving business tips or debunking the Big Boned Theory, making political observations or celebrating the inevitable resurgence of big hair, Shellie is an adviser women can relate to and laugh with regardless of their age or which side of the Mason-Dixon they call home.