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Fall Revival (1)

Keith Roberts will be speaking Wednesday night at Forsythe Church of Christ at 6:00 in our Fall Revival Series. He will be talking about revival and prayer. You’re invited! If you do not have his book, Why God Waits For You To Pray, you are missing a jewel!  Here are some of my favorite quotes from this book.

Spiritual apathy, the waste by-product of prayerlessness, creeps up on you because of this simple mistake: when the schedule gets crowded, prayer is the first thing left in the dust.

…It takes periods of withdrawal and renewal to win at spiritual warfare. … Jesus often withdrew. He withdrew to lonely places. He prayed. He bathed his entire Galilean ministry in prayer…. Spiritual combat requires spiritual energy.

Like the iceberg charging into the face of stiff winds and waves, Jesus’ power lay below the surface … in his prayer life. The same is true now. If we plan to calm frantic souls brutalized by a Satanic spiritual storm, we must pray. We must develop another great awakening of prayer in the church, moving us ahead by powers below the surface.

So a mature prayer life isn’t possible without this element of wonder, of praise, of being awe-struck by God showing up inside time and space … an understanding that answered prayers aren’t just coincidence or good luck.

Hearing Jesus pray from the cross stirs something deep inside us. Hearing him pray charts a course, sets a goal, motivates a longing to pray more like that. But you can’t pray like that and still ride a recliners. If you want to pray like a crucified man, you’ll have to climb upon a cross … Cross-shaped prayers cut through the religious noise…

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