Keep Your Eyes On Jesus

Jesus is mysterious, amazing, complex, wise … awesome… exciting. If Jesus seems boring to you, then you’re not seeing Him for who He is. We are at once looking at a person who has always been, once was, and now is. He exceeds all of our expectations and re-routes all of our natural thinking. We are beginning a four month survey through John’s account of the life of Jesus. This is a great beginning place for new believers, seekers, and longtime disciples! John begins his Good News with One Dozen Reasons To Keep Your Eyes On Jesus! (John 1)

1. He is the Final Answer (1)

2. He is the Powerful Creator (2)

3. He is the Lighthouse for all People (3)

4. He Breathes New Life into dead lives (12-13)

5. He is the Living Display of the Glory of God (14)

6. He is the Ultimate Expression of Grace (14-18)

7. He is The Fountain of Truth (14-18)

8. He is the Willing Sacrifice (29, 35)

9. He is the Son of God (32-34)

10. He is the qualified Fulfillment of God’s Great Promises (41)

11. He is the Teacher we willingly follow (49)

12. He is the true path to Heaven (51)

The typical response of men has been to not recognize him (10),  not submit to him (10),  not honor him (45-46).

What is John’s Purpose?

*Introduce His Gospel
*Introduce His Lord
*Introduce His Witnesses

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