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I remember back when I first started blogging. Each post was filled with some of the everyday things going on and a few reflections. Most of that kind of news now flows across FaceBook or Twitter.  I think they’re just quicker and simpler to update. All of this social media has us more connected than ever. I always smile at the critics who just don’t get it. It’s one of the goals of my life to get Danny Dodd to use Twitter. If he loved me as a brother he would do it just for me. I’ve enjoyed so much meeting local people on Twitter … folks I may not have met otherwise. And now there’s Google Wave.  It’s still be developed and a lot of people have a hard time trying to understand what Google Wave is … and what to do with it.Right now I’m using it create a Prayer Wave. Anyhow, that’s left my blog more of a weekly update than a daily journal. I kinda miss that. Maybe I’ll do better, but no promises, no pressure!

Tiger Woods. He’s married to a model. He has a beautiful child. There are incredible riches in his bank account. He is admired around the world for his skill. What goes through this person’s mind that causes him to (resisting really funny golf metaphors here) become sexually involved with multiple women? Even more what makes him think that the kind of woman interested in sleeping with a married man wouldn’t also bribe him for a cash payoff? Did he think he was having affairs with women who really loved him? And what about us? Did we expect someone who does not follow Christ to maintain Christian values? I am really thankful, though, that America seems to be scandalized by this event. Maybe there are still a number of people who feel that marital fidelity is a value we need to hold onto. I doubt that this is a defining moment for anyone but his wife and child. Another scandal will come our way and we’ll yawn. What Tiger needs most right now is for Lindsay Lohan to do something stupid in public. It could happen. Soon.

Thanks to all who responded to my last post either here, via private email, or on FaceBook (my blogs are imported to FaceBook automatically). My friend who may lose his home needed a $5,000 miracle when we first started. Recently he stated he needed $2800. Thanks to you friends (and those who passed the request on to even others), we were able to send him $1,200. Though I do not know if it is enough, or if it is too late, someone in that predicament will need some help no matter what. If I hear more from them I will let you know. But thank you so much. I feel that each of you who gave and prayed will be blessed because of your mercy and compassion.

Just an update on some of the good things going on at Forsythe Church of Christ. We are finishing our year by Discovering God’s Tresures, the gifts He has given us to discover, use, and increase. We’ve talked about the Gospel, Time, and Money. We have a few more weeks in this series. On Wednesday nights in December we are thinking about the three gifts brought by the Magi, and the imagery of each. On Christmas Eve’s Eve, we are going to have a Carols & Candles service at 6:00. Everyone’s invited!  Our ladies classes have met for the last time this year. The Iron Men are still meeting on Mondays though. In January we will begin a new semester of Griefshare, our first offering of Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University, and a new semester of LifeGroups. If you’re in Monroe and looking for a Family of Believers with whom to work and worship, you’d be welcomed!

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