Good Stuff

We had a busy day yesterday … and a good one. The Realtor Preview was yesterday morning, so we had about 20 Realtors come through the house to see what they will be selling very soon (positive thoughts!). They were very complimentary. In the afternoon we had a sweet visit with Bobbie Lowe and Stella Prince. Bobbie brought some veggies from her husband’s garden, which we look forward to enjoying. It was a great visit.

Maggy and I drove over to Pensacola last night to dine with Danny and Terri Dodd. Terri is an outstanding cook and she prepared a meal we enjoyed so much. The company, however, was just as outstanding. We enjoyed a long visit with them both and then made our way back to Pascagoula, arriving home about 1:00 a.m. So, I’m running a bit slow today!

We’ve enjoyed some good stuff over the past few days. Thankful.

This afternoon I plan to go over to New Orleans to see my mom and dad. Mother’s fifth chemo treatment was to be yesterday, but her blood pressure was too low. She is giving it another try today. Three weeks from now she will have her last treatment and can begin the road to recovery.

Today marks five weeks since John Robert died.  I don’t have anything new to express about that … maybe I’ve said everything I know to say.

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