jumble This post is just a jumble of assorted stuff … presented in 3D just for you! (We’re working on the 3 part, 1D is working great!)

In a recent post I suggested that Facebook IS The New Internet. Today TechCrunch has an excellent article showing how a new Facebook feature steps further in that direction! Has Facebook won the web war? Maybe so!

Have you checked out the Beautiful Feet Blog?  My friend Danny Dodd is writing about preachers. I think you’ll like it! The first preacher featured is my friend Eddie Lewis. Eddie and Judy were at Cleveland, MS when I was Youth/Campus Minister there. They taught me a lot. I’m sure I could have learned a lot more if I had not been so hard-headed!

For those of you who are putting together power point stuff every week (we use Easy Worship – but still incorporate power point some), you need a dependable and creative source. Power Point Sermons has been a lifesaver for me. They have both motion and stills, sets, and something new every week. Yes, it is a pretty good pricetag. It is totally worth it to have access to the collection they currently have, plus the new stuff. They will do custom work as well. I get not one penny or credit….just sharing what was shared with me! AND if you need song lyrics and music of some of the newer praise songs, you should be a subscriber to A VIEW OF WORSHIP.

While I’m sharing stuff I like, I’m going to toss in Vista Print. Occasionally I still talk to people who haven’t heard of it…. or who have dismissed it. I think it’s awesome. When I get ready to do a new teaching series I gear up at Vista Print. I get new business cards, invitation post cards and envelopes, banners, flyers, and pens all themed the same. I also get small magnets on which I can put a prayer or a saying.  This morning I ordered all the cool stuff for my May sermon series. They are timely and have seldom gotten an order wrong. I don’t receive anything for promoting Vista Print, but if you decide to order you can do so from a link at the bottom of this blog. I believe I get a credit or something…but that’s not why I’m sharing! Just wanted you to know about it if you don’t!

OK, that’s enough of a jumble for tonight!

Thanks for reading!


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