July 18th


On July 18th in History

July 18th is a busy day in history. In AD 64 the great fire of Rome broke out and destroyed much of the city. On this day in 1938 Douglas “Wrong Way” Corrigan arrived in Ireland. He left New York for California. Guess he took a wrong turn. On this day in 1940 Franklin Delano roosevelt was nominated for an unprecedented third term and would eventually serve four terms. Music fans would appreciate that on this day in 1953 a young truck driver named Elvis Presley made his first ever recording when he paid $3.98 at the Memphis recording service, singing two songs. It was a gift for his mother which would surface 37 years later as part of an RCA compilation called ‘Elvis – the Great Performances’.

Some great people were born on July 18th. July 18th is the birthday of country bluegrass singer Ricky Scaggs (1954). Dion Dimucci is best known for his hit single ‘Runaround Sue’ and he was born on July 18, 1939. Born on this day was English novelist William Makepeace Thackeray (1811-1937). South Africa’s first black president Nelson Mandela was born today (1918-2013). Astronaut John Glenn celebrates 93 years. Red Skelton was born on this day (1913-1997) as well as James Brolin (74) and singer Martha Reeves (73). We should say Happy Birthday to Cora Crawley, Countess of Grantham – otherwise known as Elizabeth McGovern (53). A previous generation watched Ozzie and Harriet on black and white TV. Today is Harriet Nelson’s birthday, born in 1909.

But of all the great and historic things that happened on July 18th, nothing tops the two words that Margaret Willingham said to me on the altar at Cleveland Church of Christ, “I Do”. Lots of friends and family were there. Nicole was ten years old and was called upon to make a lot of adjustments in her young life. Now she’s a mom herself with two precious ones. We’ve moved a few times in our marriage. We left Cleveland for Kosciusko, MS and back to Cleveland again. Then we moved to Pascagoula where we stayed for 16 years before moving to Monroe just over 7 years ago. We had 18 years with an awesome young man we look forward to seeing in heaven. And we have two beautiful grandchildren of whom we are very proud. So, July 18th is quite a historic day in my life. Somebody needs to give my wife an award for putting up with me all these years! I love you Maggy!


We were married by Eddie Lewis.


With Her Mom and Dad

With Her Mom and Dad


With my Mom and StepDad

We are looking forward to many more years together. Even more, we look forward to enjoying eternity together in Jesus Christ who has saved us by the blood of Jesus through whom we live and move and have our being!

Grateful to God, JD