Job’s Ashes

Tonight the Orange Grove Church family gathered to mourn. On Monday of this week my friend Les Ferguson, Jr. lost his wife and one of his sons in a violent murderous attack in their home. It was Les and Karen’s 24th anniversary. Their son Cole was 22, wheelchair bound, and beloved by all who knew him. Especially his brothers Kyle, Conner, and Casey.

What do you do with this? Tomorrow there will be a visitation, Friday a funeral. Two caskets, two losses, two empty places at the table. I don’t know what can be said.

There is nothing to do but sit in Job’s ashes. Hurt, mourn, and weep. Friends struggle to say the right things. Sit in Job’s ashes, filled with questions, wonderings, and doubts.

But while sitting in Job’s ashes make sure to hang on to Job’s God.

Job’s God didn’t take away Job’s sufferings. He didn’t give him the answers he sought. In the end Job’s God only affirmed that He was indeed God. Yes, Job was blessed beyond expectation in the end. But the journey forward from loss was more painful than we sometimes contemplate.

So tonight we sat in ashes with our beloved friends and said to God that we have been wronged. And that is where we remain.


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