It’s Saturday

It’s Saturday morning on the Coast and we were expecting a rainy day, but the forecast changed. Just a cloudy day in the mid-50s. The cloudy sunrise has given way to some blue skies above, at the moment. I guess I mention the weather because from where I sit I look out my front window into the sky above my neighbor’s home.  We still have not bought curtains for our home since Katrina. Why? I think only maggy can answer that question. Anyway, I’m used to not having curtains now and maybe we will just leave it as it is. We are great procrastinators. In fact, as I look across the foyer into the living room I see our Christmas tree standing. It is naked and odd looking. I keep thinking we will take it apart and put it away for the year. However, if we procrastinate just nine more months it will be in place for an early Christmas deocorating!

Procrastination is more than a bad habit, it really produces a lot of stress. It is now Saturday and I have a full afternoon / evening of activities and events, but there are some things for tomorrow that I have put off. I could have done them by now, but some surprises yesterday caught me off guard and much of my day was taken from me. I do not regret a couple of opportunities to serve, and I welcome them. But they do tend to push the items of my agenda around quite a bit! So I’ve decided that one way to address this problem is to follow  Benjamin Franklin’s advice and be a person who practices being ‘early to bed and early to rise’. I’m not sure I’m any healthier, wealthier, or wiser. But I do get real sleepy in the afternoon!

I have noticed that the morning hours run away like cars on a NASCAR track. Why do the morning hours fly by so quickly? It seems that by the time I get up, cook a little breakfast, drink a few cups of java, and read a few blogs, the time I gained by getting up early is gone. Maybe I need to leave one of those items out. I vote for breakfast. haha just kidding. I think the blogs may be taking up too much time. Well, good thing I’m starting a class on addictions Monday night.

This afternoon I will be meeting with Jerry’s family to express a few thoughts and have prayer  (see previous post). They will have a “wake” for a few hours to receive visitors. This will not be a sermon time, just something for the family because there will not be a funeral service. Soon after that about fifteen of us will head over to Mobile for the WinterJam concert.


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Well, thanks for dropping by today. Hope your Saturday is a great one!

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