It’s Not Monday

I can’t believe I haven’t posted since Monday night. Well, things have been on a bit of a roller coaster this week. Of course I’ve been attempting to pack up my office – a big job. I’m not rushed about it because I can do it in stages without causing any problem here. I have about 15 boxes already packed. About 90% of my books are now in boxes. Then there’s other stuff that needs to be taken care of … maybe I’ll do some today.

There is a lot of work being done at my house. Doors that we never replaced after the storm are now being replaced. There is some drywall repair, painting, and a part of my roof had to be replaced. It’s a noisy busy place at my house.

A fun part of the going away process is that several friends are all trying to have one last lunch with me. I feel so popular right now! Yesterday I had lunch with Al Sturgeon and Les Ferguson. We had such a good time laughing and talking. Then I met Joel Jordan for coffee at Dough Joe’s and we talked for about two hours. Today I’m meeting Jim Ingram, one of Central’s elders, for lunch. Afterwards I’m having coffee at Dough Joe’s with Veto Roley. I think I have some appointments still open if anyone wants to try to join me!

Unfortunately in all of this Maggy had another coughing attack Tuesday night. Wednesday afternoon she went to the doctor and he told her that she had pneumonia. She’s been sleeping and resting ever since. Today she is at our daughter’s home so that she can get away from the noisy home repairs. I took her some medicine and food a little while ago. I know she won’t be well enough tomorrow to travel to Monroe. Perhaps Saturday. That is still up in the air. So our travel plans have changed a bit … and they are making adjustments in Monroe for various potential outcomes.

The new season of LOST begins tonight. I wonder how we’ll all feel at the end of the two hour premiere? Maybe our jaw will be on the floor in disbelief. Or maybe we’ll be saying things like: “but that doesn’t match what we know about…” or “what did they mean by ….” or “didn’t he die back in season two“? Some of us might even say, “if that’s the direction this show is taking then I’m not watching it anymore!” But all of us LOSTies wouldn’t miss it for anything. I expect there to be much blogging about it tomorrow. Maybe even here!

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