It Sounds Retro, But…

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In my last post I mentioned that there were some changes coming to my writings here at OUT HERE HOPE REMAINS. And it’s going to sound retro, but hear me out!

I’m moving to substack and will be writing in a newsletter format rather than blogposts. That newsletter is called Hope Remains. I’ll be writing about Christianity, Photography, Books, Television, and Miscellany … and with more regularity than I have been writing here.

You can read those posts directly from your inbox if you subscribe (and I hope some of you do!). You can download the Substack app from your app store and read them there (which is my favorite way). You can interact by leaving comments and sharing if you are so moved.

This indicates a shift away from social media to some degree. I’ve deleted my Snapchat and TikTok profiles (they were fun, but effective wormholes!). I’ve closed my personal Instagram account and also will be deleting LinkedIn. I feel like I have to stay on Facebook for my work with the church and connections with friends – although I’m going to try to limit my time there. I’m not a social media hater … I just want to back away from the constant flood of posts and some of the angry banter and get back to writing more. I’m staying on Twitter … even if Elon buys it! I find it enjoyable for a quick interaction here and there.

If you, at some point, subscribed to this blog, I added you to the subscriber list to receive Hope Remains. You can easily unsubscribe if you wish.

So, how do you get there?

Go to where you can bookmark, subscribe, or decide to walk away. This move indicates a decided effort to be more regular in writing.

So, I’m saying goodbye to ‘’ and will be writing at the address above. I know. I’m still wondering why I’m opting to go from a blog to a newsletter … it seems like going back in time. But you know what? It feels comfortable and easy. And that appeals to me these days.

Thanks for reading,