Is It Just Me…

A Sobering Question. In his sectarian mail-out called Christianity: Then and Now, John Waddey asks, “In 2025, will my congregation resemble an Independent Christian Church, a Disciples of Christ Church, or a Church of Christ?” Is it just me or should the question be, “In 2025 will my congregation resemble Jesus Christ?

OPEC is meeting to decide whether or not to pump more oil. Is it just me that believes we should be pumping our own resources rather than depending on people who really do not like us?

Tom Brady was seen at carnival in Rio de Janeiro sporting a pony tail. Talented, rich, admired QuarterBack. Is it just me that wonders how much Oral-B pay him to wear that crummy shirt?

Charlie Sheen takes to the internet. In just a few short days he became a star on Twitter … and then over 100,000 viewers watched his Ustream.TV debacle. I know it’s not just me who is saddened by this self-destructive tailspin. None of us are ‘winning’ in this deal. But… is it just me or does America seem to be enjoying this too much?

Anything puzzling you these days?


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